Anyone U Want(3)

By: Evangeline Anderson

“Why not?” Abby was chewing gum as always. She crossed her long legs and snapped a big pink bubble in Holly’s direction. “You said he wasn’t dating anyone else. And you know he’s not gay.”

“Why not?” Holly looked at her best friend in disbelief. Sometimes Abby could be so dense. “Several reasons, actually,” she said, counting them off on her fingers. “Number one, he’s my boss. I could and probably would get fired and then how would I pay my half of the rent? Number two, he’s gorgeous and I’m…not.”

Abby frowned. “Don’t put yourself down, Holly, you’re very pretty. I’ve always wished I could try my hair in your shade of red but there’s no way I could pull it off without your peaches and cream complexion to go with it.”

“It’s not my hair and skin I’m worried about,” Holly protested, putting a hand to her thick, curly auburn hair. “Although I do wish I didn’t have freckles on my nose.”

“The freckles are cute.” Abby snapped her gum annoyingly. “With those big dark blue eyes of yours they make you look like the girl next door.”

“A man like Grant Harris doesn’t date ‘the girl next door.’ He’s a freaking billionaire—he dates super models or whoever else he wants.”

“No, he doesn’t,” Abby objected. “You told me you haven’t seen him dating anyone since the first year you worked for him. As far as you can tell he’s completely unattached—why shouldn’t he give you a chance?”

“Because I’m not shaped like you.” Holly eyed her best friend with resigned envy. Abby was built like a whippet, all long, lean limbs and perky teacup breasts topped off with luscious blonde hair. Not that whippets had perky breasts and blonde hair but still, the point was Abby was thin and Holly…was not.

“Don’t start this again.” Abby sighed. “You’re thinner than you were in college, Holly and even back then you didn’t look bad. It’s all in your mind.”

Holly stood up and pointed to her ass. “Does this look like it’s all in my mind?”

Abby shrugged. “So you got a little junk in the trunk. So what?”

“So what? The point is no matter how much I diet and exercise, I’ll still have these hips and this ass to deal with.” Holly looked at her heart-shaped bottom sadly before sinking back down on the couch. She was a decent size up top with a nice C cup but from the moment puberty had struck at age twelve she’d had to deal with her oversized butt. The boys in high school had been merciless—some of the unkind names they called her still haunted Holly at night when she couldn’t sleep.

“Your ass isn’t that big—you’re just still stuck in high school,” Abby said, as though reading her mind. “And besides, some men like a little something to hold on to.”

“Not men who own controlling interest in the largest hovercar corporation in the world,” Holly said glumly. “Not men who can have their pick of any stick-thin skinny-minny they want.”

“Hey, I resent that.” Abby put a hand to her nonexistent hips. “I can’t help being skinny. In fact, I wish I wasn’t. I’d love to have your curves. I don’t know why you never notice it but there are guys checking you out when we go out together—plenty of them.”

“Yeah, right.” Holly sighed. “Forget it, Abby, it’s never gonna happen.”

“Never say never.” Abby grinned. “What if you somehow found out that Mr. Boss Man was into plus sized posteriors and didn’t mind dating the help. Then what?”

“Um…” Holly could feel her cheeks heating again. “I still don’t think it would happen.” She didn’t want to say why but it was clear that Abby had guessed the third and final reason she and her boss were never going to get together outside of a dream-viewer.

“You think he’s not into that freaky shit you program into your viewer?” Abby smiled not unkindly. “That’s it, isn’t it?”

“I swear to God, Abby. Nothing is sacred with you, is it?” Holly frowned but her best friend just grinned and blew another juicy pink bubble.