Aries(The Zodiac Twin Flame Series)

By: Rachel Medhurst

Book 2 in a Young Adult Paranormal Romance Series

A Zodiac Twin Flame Novel

A Twin flame is a spiritual concept describing a special love soul connection between two souls/people. Twin flames are thought to be the same soul split in two. The masculine and feminine counterparts make up one soul. When they unite, they become one.

Chapter One

The air was warm against my skin as I crouched on the ground. My leg muscles screamed at me to move. The burning sensation made me shift as quietly as I could.


I turned my head towards the whisper. The alleyway next to the house was pitch black. I couldn’t make out the owner of the voice. I had told my brothers not to speak under any circumstances.

I didn’t say anything. Instead, I rose from my crouched position and crept towards the back of the alley. The Victorian house was tall beside me. I had no idea if anyone was inside. I didn’t want to draw any attention to us.

‘What is it?’ I hissed into the darkness.

The words flew away from me and rebounded off the stone brick walls. The shadows moved. The shape of a shorter man emerged. I smelt the aftershave before I could make out his face. Gemini.

I had told both him and Taurus to wait up the road. Why hadn’t he bloody listened to me? A cat screeched nearby. We both dropped to the ground. The midnight surveillance wasn’t going to plan.

‘We saw a car drive by the house. It slowed right down but didn’t stop.’

I grabbed Gemini’s arm and squeezed. His voice was too loud. The sound of it carried.

It was the third time we had checked out the house where Pisces had been kept prisoner. Taurus had noticed a small light in the window the last time we were there so we had come back to investigate.

‘Why have you come to tell me?’ I whispered, not moving an inch.

‘Because it’s gone past twice now.’

My head snapped towards the mouth of the alleyway. I heard footsteps pass the entrance. I kept hold of Gemini’s suit sleeve and pulled him up to a stand. We crept forward, stepping lightly on the concrete. I had never understood Gemini. He was a ladies man that loved to look good. He took time with his clothes and appearance. Even now, creeping through an alleyway, he smelt like a perfume shop.

‘Be quiet, we don’t want anyone to hear.’ The voice ahead of us made me freeze.

It came from the steps of the Victorian house. I pushed Gemini against the wall by the entrance to the alleyway. Letting him go, I took a step forward, hoping he would stay.

‘We’ll be fine. Nick has no idea I have the keys to this place.’

A man and woman stood on the top step as she searched through her bag. I kept my back pressed against the wall and took quick glances around the side, doing my best to stay in the shadows.

‘He would kill us if he knew what we were doing,’ the man said, wrapping his arms around the woman from behind.

I tried to stop the grin that came to my face but I couldn’t. Taurus was right. There had been someone in the house. And the best part was, they knew Nick.

Nick was the man that had kidnapped my father. The man that I was going to kill with my own bare hands when I got hold of him.

‘Stop it, come on!’ The woman giggled, opening the front door and leading the man inside.

I reached out to grab Gemini but he wasn’t where I had left him. I glanced round to see his shadow leaning against the wall on the other side of the alley. He didn’t like doing what he was told, especially by me. I stepped forward and took his arm.

‘Let’s go.’

Checking that there was no one in the street, I sprinted away from the house. His footsteps were slow behind me. I fought the urge to leave him behind.

Gemini was a professional gambler. He didn’t have a proper job. He claimed it was his job to gamble in casinos every night. I didn’t like to question my brothers and sisters. There were twelve of us. Everyone was completely different. There was no point in telling Gemini that he shouldn’t do something. It was up to him what he did. Just because I became a fireman to help others, didn’t mean that everyone had to do the same. Although, Gemini was a waste of space and needed to get a proper job.

The Zodiacs, as my father liked to call us, were born in the same year. We weren’t biological siblings. We were raised by two guardians that taught us to treat each other as if we were brothers and sisters. We would all turn twenty one this year. My birthday had just passed. Each one of us was named after the star sign that we were born under. All twelve of us were bought together by our guardians when we were babies.

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