Asunder (Iron Bulls MC #1)

By: Phoenyx Slaughter

For most of my life, I thought Logan and I were meant to be together. We grew up next door to each other. Neither of us had happy homes, but together we found a sort of peace. He was only three years older than me, but when you’re a child that’s a lot. I looked up to him. Loved him with everything I had.

He kept me safe. Protected me.

Eventually I gave him everything. My heart, my love, my virginity.

He disappeared without a word.

When I finally found him, he said I couldn’t be part of his life anymore.

He broke my heart.

Then I met Dante, and the perfect plan to get even with Logan began to form in my mind.

Dante is older, dark, dangerous, and the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Iron Bulls MC.

The same MC Logan joined when he left me.

This is going to be fun.

Although the felt of the pool table is starting to chafe against my bare back, the face planted between my legs has a magical tongue attached to it, so I’m not about to complain.

Firm fingers dig into my thighs, pulling me closer. This man is insatiable. Devouring me, not giving a shit about the wet, slurpy sounds echoing through the cavernous room of his clubhouse.

Not that it matters. For the moment, we’re alone.

This is my first time inside the Iron Bulls MC’s clubhouse.

“Whatcha got here, Dante?”

Dante, that’s magic tongue’s name. I whine and bump my hips up when he stops licking me to answer whoever interrupted him.

“None of your business. Get lost.”

“You got her laid out in the front room. That’s beggin’ to have someone join in.”

Even though it isn’t phrased as a question, I think he’s asking permission. Dante flicks his simmering brown eyes up at me then slips a finger inside my pussy. “She’s a tight little bitch.” My eyes roll shut and I let out a moan.

“Jesus, fuck! Karina? What the hell?”

My eyes snap open.


“You know her, Hemi?”

“Yeah, I fuckin’ know her.”

Logan comes into my line of sight and my skin heats up with shame. My breasts are partially out, my skirt up around my waist, thighs spread wide, and Dante’s fingers are still stroking me.

This is embarrassing.

But not surprising.

I’d known exactly what I was doing when I hopped on the back of Dante’s bike this afternoon after school. I “accidentally” bumped into the big, frightening biker outside the liquor store. I couldn’t have planned it better.

Except, I’m not getting the satisfaction I expected from the experience.

“Take her mouth. I’m busy down here.” Then Dante disappears between my thighs again. I can’t help moaning and arching my back up.

Logan stands over me. “Fuck, you even legal, yet?” he mutters.

“Never stopped you before,” I whisper.

“Jesus.” He rubs his hand over his face, and glances at Dante. He doesn’t seem to be able to make up his mind.

Finally, he unbuckles his belt and pulls his cock out. He strokes himself from root to tip, then traces his fat cockhead over my lips. “Open.”

Below, Dante takes my clit, sucking it into his mouth and I gasp. Logan uses the opportunity to shove his cock in my mouth.

I reach over and grab him, sucking him down harder.

“Fuck, girl.”

Dante stands, tugging me down the table, before plunging into me with his thick cock. I scream around Logan.

“Watch your teeth, Karina,” he warns.

Dante has a firm grip on my hips as he pumps into me with ruthless strokes. “You gonna come for us, lil’ girl?”

I whine and nod my head.

“Get him off first. Let me see what a good little cumguzzler you are.”

I can do that. I remember very well what Logan likes. I focus my attention on him, even as pleasure blooms through my body. His taste is familiar and brings a rush of memories—some sweet, some horrible. In no time, he’s giving up his thick, salty cum and I swallow it down in great, greedy gulps. He rubs his thumb over my cheek as he pulls out, tucking his cock away. The look on his face is unreadable.

“Hot, fucking, lil’ bitch, ain’t you?” Dante grunts as he pounds into me. One hand slips from my hip, so his thumb can rub my clit. With Logan taken care of, I’m free to close my eyes and let Dante overwhelm my senses. He continues rubbing my clit in precise circles, while slamming into me.