Avoidables 2

By: Rachel Medhurst

Chapter One

The camp was well set out so it was a shame I’d soon have to destroy it. I stood on the edge of the red mountain top, looking down at the rebel’s base. I’d been searching for them for three days. At first, Artie had admitted defeat. He’d even tried to forbid me from coming after Hope, but soon changed his mind. He hadn’t let me see the note that Leon had left. I was still unsure whether Hope had gone with him or had a female whim and gone on her own.

My phone started to vibrate against my leg. I crouched low and answered it.

‘I’m here,’ I whispered as I watched a few people sitting around the camp fires. It was dark now and I was glad they still had some fires lit.

‘What can you see?’ came Artie’s reply.

‘They had quite a few fires, but most people are going to bed. I…’

I stopped speaking when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. A person had come running out of a gap in the mountain. Their hair was dark and fell to their shoulders and as they passed a fire, I saw that she only had one arm. Bingo. A bulky man came out of the gap and walked a few paces behind her. I noticed he was half naked and was rubbing his face.

‘I’ve spotted Hope,’ I said.

Artie knew when to keep quiet. ‘Don’t go straight in, Purple, take your time,’ he answered. His military training had always come in handy.

I shut off my phone and watched as Hope went into a tent. Noland. That was the man who was walking after her. I held my breath as he came to a stop outside her tent. He sat down in front of it and I let my breath out.

What the hell was Noland doing? He’d wanted to work for Artie again, but here he was mixing with the rebels. Why? I started to rise when I saw Leon approach Noland. That bastard needed to see the back of my fist. I clenched my hands and stopped myself from unfurling my wings and flying down there to sort it out. But this needed to be handled a little more delicately. I knew Artie didn’t want me to come because I could be rash, but I was doing okay so far.

My phone vibrated again and I growled when I saw the name on the screen. ‘What do you want, Jason?’

‘Artie just told me what happened,’ he shouted. ‘Why didn’t you let me know?’

I rolled away from the side of the mountain. I didn’t know how far sound could travel around these places.

‘Shut up!’ I whispered, ‘If you’d been there when it happened then you’d know wouldn’t you. You gave up your right to Hope when you left her.’ I could feel the phone slipping in my hand. A heat ran over my body and I was tempted to put the phone down and let him suffer.

‘Purple, please…you don’t understand. Please tell me if she’s okay?’

I hated to hear a man plead. There was something so desperate about a man who was so in love with a woman that he turned into a wreck. A tiny part of me laughed at myself; the same part of me which longed to belong to someone. I quickly shoved it down and growled again.

‘I don’t know if she’s okay, but I can tell you she’s alive.’

I moved back over to the edge and saw Noland and Leon walk away from Hope’s tent, leaving another man to sit guard. So they were keeping her prisoner. She hadn’t gone willingly. These men were going to pay.

‘Thank you, Purple,’ Jason sighed. ‘I know you don’t believe a word I say. Please trust me when I say that I love her. She’s my soulmate and I’m working hard to make it right.’

‘So why has it taken you three days to call?’ I couldn’t help the tone of my voice. If my soulmate had gone missing, I’d know right away and I’d also be there to find her. Not that I’d ever have a soulmate. That soppy stuff was for other men. Not me.

‘I couldn’t feel her distress. I thought she understood and was fine. Until tonight. Something happened and I just felt something wasn’t quite right.’ He sounded sad and I almost had sympathy, but that soon disappeared.

‘Well it’s not been right for a few days. Maybe you’re not as connected as you think you are.’ It was harsh I know, but where was he? I was on a mountain top planning to rescue his girlfriend while he was playing happy families with his fiancé.

‘Purple, don’t be like that. You’ve seen us together.’

I’d put doubt into his mind. I sighed and gave in.

‘I’m at the camp now. I’ve just seen her. She’s fine, okay. Now get back to your happy family and let me get her out of here.’ I shut the phone off. I couldn’t help it. I’d never liked the man.

I stood again and debated going down there and destroying the whole camp. Rebels had caused nothing but problems for us in Lower Side and even though their recent bombing had brought about a trial, the truth was that Avoidables were never given a fair trial. They were instantly killed. We were avoidable for a reason. Perfects hated the way we looked and acted. Yet, they liked to use us for their pleasures. They even kept some of us for slaves. Sandor, our previous flatmate, had been one of those slaves. The rebels had got hold of her and somehow made her bomb the Perfect government’s compound. They’d actually done us a favour and I wondered if that had been their intention. I doubted it. I was hesitating. My gut told me that destroying this camp would make me as bad as them. They were still Avoidables after all. Rebels were not peaceful warriors like us. They didn’t care if they killed Perfects, they just wanted attention and went the wrong way about it.

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