Avoidables 3

By: Rachel Medhurst

Chapter One

Never before had I doubted my own mother’s intentions so strongly.

‘What’s the matter, Jason?’ she asked.

We were standing in the guard’s room of the prison. Catherine, my mother, had ordered them to interrogate Sandor- again.

‘I don’t see why you’re doing this,’ I replied, keeping my voice low.

‘I like to watch her squirm, especially when she’s so desperate to use her powers and can’t.’

I looked over to where she was sitting in front of the monitor. Her long back was straight. Her short blonde hair was immaculate. Her finger-nails were painted bright pink, standing out against her pristine light green suit.

‘She’s trying to sense what the guards are going to do next, but she can’t. Those scientists are genius. To give me a formula that dopes her up so much she can’t use her powers, was the best present I could’ve ever asked for.’

I jumped from my seat and stood behind her. The small room was cramped with monitors and two chairs. But it was my mother’s ugly presence that filled the whole room. For years I’d lived in luxury as she’d helped to run the Perfect government.

‘You know what, I’ve never really noticed how cruel you can be,’ I said from behind her chair.

‘Don’t be silly, Jason, you’ve never loved me. The day you were born I could tell that there was something different about you.’

She took her gaze away from Sandor’s interrogation and spun the black chair towards me. I shook my head and she laughed.

‘Oh don’t worry, Jason. I’m sure somewhere deep down, you love your mother.’ She stood and put a hand on my shoulder. ‘You’ve been spending a little too much time on the Lower Side. You’re scowling, just like they do.’

‘Can’t you see that what you’re doing is wrong?’ I whispered.

‘Not again. We’ve been over this your whole life. Jason, this is just the way it works. Now listen, the trial starts in half an hour. Let’s go to the court room.’ She almost skipped away.

I followed behind as we made our way across the compound. I had to hold myself back from running after her and…

‘You have to try and stay disconnected,’ a soft voice said beside me. William, one of the Perfect government officials and the head of the angels that were secretly infiltrating the government, fell into step beside me.

‘I’m not sure how much longer I can do this,’ I muttered.

His hand landed on my shoulder. A bolt of heat zapped into me and I felt my mood lighten. The angel was powerful and the more time I spent with him, the more in awe I became.

‘This is only the beginning, Jason. We’ve waited many years for a chance like this. When the angels decided to come and help the human race again, we had to make sure we could make a lasting impact. Perfects aren’t really that ugly and cruel on the inside, but they’ve allowed themselves to judge so harshly for so long, that they now hold the wrong type of power.’

‘It makes me so angry,’ I growled, looking directly at my mother’s back as she nodded at the guard outside the court building. I always wondered why there was a courthouse. The Perfects tended to execute Avoidables straight away, while other Perfects were usually let off the hook. They didn’t usually catch that many Perfects if they did commit a crime.

‘It makes us all angry. Just because we’re angels, don’t mean we don’t feel negative emotions whilst we’re in these bodies. Stop trying to be an angel, Jason. Stop trying not to be a Perfect. Stop trying to fit in with the Avoidables. Just be who you truly are.’

William stopped me from walking any further. We were surrounded by the lush green gardens. I pictured Hope in the middle of the desert wilderness. Her straggly hair was blowing in the wind and she was being flown by Purple.

‘Do you feel her?’ William said.

I closed my eyes briefly. I’d been seeing and feeling more and more of her. My mind’s eye would show me little snap shots of what she was doing.

‘If I ever get my hands on that Noland…’

Will laughed hard and clapped me on the back as I turned.

‘Now that’s a natural feeling. Just remember that whatever happens, it’s for the right reasons.’ He started walking again.

I noticed the Chancellor slip into the courthouse and felt my teeth grind together. That man was awful and I’d been keeping my distance from him.

‘Even if we’re not together…? Even if she goes with…?’ I couldn’t say his name. An image of the hulking Avoidable came into my mind. Noland was dangerous and as such, he suited Hope perfectly.

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