Avoidables 4

By: Rachel Medhurst

Chapter One

Their eyes had freaked me out the most. When Jason left me in the café, I’d been thinking about ending my life. It wasn’t because of him; I was glad he’d found happiness, it was because there just didn’t seem to be a point to life anymore.

‘Are you okay, pretty girl?’ the Avoidable said.

Considering he was the one who had just kidnapped me, I thought it a pretty stupid question. My hands were tied behind my back and the rope was rubbing my skin. Still, at least the feeling reminded me I was alive.

‘What do you think?’ I replied.

The numbness which had seized my muscles began to lift. We were in the woods and the sun was sinking fast below the trees. When the cat rebels had burst into the coffee shop, I’d frozen. Their eyes were oval with black pupils which reminded me of pictures I’d seen of the domestic creatures humans used to keep hundreds of years ago.

‘I think that you’re tougher than you look,’ the man said.

He was tall and stocky, the perfect guard to watch over me as the others went hunting for their dinner. If he didn’t have the cat’s eyes, I might have even been attracted to him. In a different life that is.

His head was shaved but a fine buzz showed that he had dark hair. He’d been sitting in the tree, but when I’d heard his boots thump down behind me, I’d jumped. What did these people want with me? I was just a normal girl. I swallowed as a lump pushed my throat cords. I felt cold as he slowly walked around me and came to stand in front of me.

‘W-what do y-you want with me?’ I stuttered.

His weird eyes narrowed and it freaked me out. I tried to look away, but I couldn’t tear my gaze from him. What was he going to do to me? How could I get away? Who would come and rescue me?

I had no one.

‘Some of us would like to eat you. Some of us would like to play chase with you. But I…I would like to make love to you.’

I tried to jump up as my chest restrained my petrified heart. I could feel the beating vibrate through my whole body. I couldn’t quite get my feet under me enough to stand up from the log. When he looked like he would take action if I moved, I stilled completely. My breath was loud in the silent clearing. I licked my lips and swallowed as I tried to calm myself with deep breathing.

‘Don’t worry. They won’t let me do it. She’s more interested in getting that other Perfect here.’ He shook his head and lowered himself to the ground, just a few inches in front of me. He placed his hand on the grass in front of my feet. It almost touched my shoe and I resisted the urge to pull my feet away.

‘What other Perfect?’ I said, clearing my throat as I squeaked.

He laughed at me and stretched one finger forward. It grazed the end of my high heel. They were black, cute and very high. I’d always worn high heels; they made me look even better. But I wished that I hadn’t worn them today. He was staring at them, his scary eyes completely fixed upon my small feet. I looked around, but the shadows were crawling over the trees. I blinked a few times but it was still too dark to see beyond the clearing. My hands were sliding over each other as I tried to see if I could move them out of the rope. My dress was sticking to my back and my hair was glued to my temples. This fear was doing nothing for my appearance.

‘Jason. He killed our leader and they want revenge.’

‘Do you want revenge?’ I figured it was best to keep him talking. Even if he was stroking the end of my shoe.

‘If I had to choose between him and you…I’d choose you.’

They’d kidnapped me to get Jason? Were they mad? Jason didn’t even care about me. He wasn’t interested in whether or not I was alive. This would be the end of me. Jason would march on with his life with his Avoidable…and me? I would be eaten by cats. Or people that looked like cats. Why were Avoidables still even alive? My father had wanted to bomb the Lower Side and get rid of the lot. I wasn’t as harsh as him, but I wished, right now, that they’d done it before I was born. Then I wouldn’t be sitting here with this thing.

‘What’s your name?’ he asked suddenly, looking up at me.

I swallowed again as he stared straight into his eyes. I could just make out the light grey colour of his iris but I knew he could still see me very clearly.

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