Bear the Consequences

By: Rochelle Paige

McMahon Clan 1 (Fated Mates Book 4)

Note From the Author

When I was writing Thrown to the Wolves (Black River Pack #3), Annora’s backstory evolved in a way I hadn’t originally anticipated. I knew before I sat down to type the first word that her childhood was going to be bad, but it ended up being darker than I planned. I struggled with this at times, but in the end it was an important part of her character. I just couldn’t change it.

But no matter how dark it gets, the sun will always shine again—and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Parker would bring her the happiness she always deserved. Even as they found their happily-ever-after, there was another surprise in store. Annora discovered a family she never knew about—including three older brothers who sparked my interest as soon as they pushed their way into her story.

Although the Black River Pack series ended with Parker and Annora’s story, I couldn’t leave their world entirely... and the McMahon Clan series was born. I hope you enjoy seeing some familiar faces as much as I did.



Growing up as the daughter of an alpha werewolf usually meant you were raised one of two ways: toughened up so you were ready to face the world on your own or coddled like a princess and practically wrapped in cotton so nothing could ever possibly happen to you. My daddy went with the latter and took his protectiveness to a whole new level.

The list of rules I had to follow was practically endless. My curfew was the earliest out of everyone in the pack. I couldn’t wear the same outfits as the other girls because they were too skimpy and boys might “get the wrong idea” about me. Not that there was a chance in heck any of the boys in our pack would even look at me twice—they were scared to death of my father. I even had guards who were with me pretty much around the clock. As a result, even though I was well loved and wanted for nothing, I lived most of my life slightly separated from the rest of my packmates.

I spent a lot of time with my nose stuck in a book, dreaming of the day my fated mate would sweep me off my feet so we could ride into the sunset. I knew it sounded a little melodramatic, but I was addicted to reading romance novels and looked forward to getting my own happily-ever-after.

There were three things I wished with all my heart to be true. First, he would be a fierce wolf who wouldn’t cower before my daddy like all the other boys in my pack. Second, he would mate, mark, and claim me as quickly as possible because he couldn’t bear the idea of waiting a moment longer than necessary to make me his. Lastly, he would love me as much as my daddy loved my momma—even if he ended up being as ridiculously protective as Daddy was with her. Based on how happy Momma was, I figured it was a small price to pay.

I didn’t know how she put up with him some days. He could barely stand to let her out of his sight and liked to think he was the boss of her, but she pretty much did whatever she wanted and then batted her eyes if he got mad. The only thing he wouldn’t budge on was anything pertaining to our safety. At the first sign of trouble, we went straight into lockdown mode.

Unfortunately, I was always the last person to know what was going on. Daddy didn’t want to worry me, so I usually had to resort to eavesdropping. At a young age, I learned trying to creep up on an alpha male wolf in times of trouble was no easy feat.

And today was no different. I received a 911 text while in class and rushed out—I knew one of my guards would come in to get me if I didn’t get my butt out the door right away. When we made it to the SUV waiting at the curb, I was surprised to find the pack enforcer in the front passenger seat. Nolan didn’t leave my daddy’s side often, so for him to be picking me up, they expected whatever trouble was coming to be bad.

The ride home was incredibly quick—less than five minutes since the private college I attended was down the street—but the tense silence made me anxious in no time flat. As soon as we pulled into the driveway, I leaped out of the vehicle and rushed into the house. My steps faltered when I heard my parents arguing in the kitchen. I couldn’t think of a single time I’d heard Momma raise her voice at him like that. Luckily for me, there was no sign they had even heard me return over their heated conversation. Holding my breath, I tried to be as silent as possible so I could figure out what was going on.

“That’s your plan?” my mom practically shrieked. “Send Finley and me up to the cabin with guards surrounding us while you try to figure out whether we’re even in danger?”

“Yup,” he confirmed.

“The cabin we never use because you know how much I hate roughing it?”