Beard Mode(91)

By: Lani Lynn Vale

 My cousin that made my younger years a living hell by teasing me about my pretty looks, and my girl hands.

 Hands that I’d made sure were strong and rough over the years by doing what I loved—being a swordsmith.

 Somehow, I found my Colt .45 in my hand, and someway, I pointed it at the man’s head.

 And before you get all bent out of shape, the safety was on.

 He, however, did not know that.

 Tapping on the glass with the gun, I made sure that the laser in the grips was activated, and pointed right at about eye level.

 So when he turned toward the sound of my tapping, he got a red laser straight to the eye, causing him to look up and blink at me in confusion.

 I let up off the laser, allowing him to see just what was waiting for him, causing him to freeze.

 “Get off my bike,” I growled.

 The window muffled the words, I was sure, but he got the gist fairly fast.

 Hopping off and dislodging Destiny’s pussy that was taking his pee-wee sized cock, I watched dispassionately as she fell to the ground in a wet pile of dirt and mud, causing Destiny to cry out in confusion.

 She looked up at Kenneth, my asshole cousin, in confusion, who was busy trying to tuck his tiny pecker back into his perfectly tailored slacks, and followed his gaze.

 I let my real feelings out from behind the veil I was containing them with, and Destiny understood completely.

 She was boned.

 Well and truly boned.

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