By: Cambria Hebert

I just wished I could have met her once.


“Can you believe the nerve of our history teacher?” I complained, walking down the hallway and stopping at my locker. “I mean who assigns a three page essay to be due the next day when there is only two weeks left of school until summer vacation?”

“Google, my friend, Google.” Kimber said watching as I tossed my unwanted books into my locker. “I fully intend to buy a paper.”

I laughed as I consulted the small pink framed mirror hanging on the inside of the door. I pulled out a tube of lip gloss and unscrewed the cap. “I cannot buy a paper, Kimber. If my mother ever found out I would be grounded for life.”

“Lucky for me my parents hardly know I’m alive.”

She said it off-handedly, but I knew that her parent’s lack of attention was hard for her. “Looks like I’ll be spending my evening in the library.” I sighed.

Kimber reached into my locker and pulled out my pink sequined duffle bag. “Cheer first, school later.”

I slammed my locker door and we headed off toward the locker room where we would change for cheerleading practice.

Just as we turned the corner we saw two guys heading in our direction. Cole and Brice. Kimber elbowed me in the ribs and I giggled. “Here he comes, Hev.”

Cole and Brice stopped a few feet in front of us with Cole leaning forward to kiss Kimber. When he pulled back he gave me a smile. “Hey, Hev.”

“Hey, Cole.” Cole’s eyes slid to Brice. “Hey, Brice.” I said brightly offering my crush a smile.

“Hey, Heven. You’re looking good.”


He acted like he might say more but the group descended into silence with Cole standing over me and Brice like a chaperone.

“Cole, I wanted to talk to you about something.” Kimber said, giving me the eye.

“Sure, Kimmie.” He said, glancing at her, waiting for her to continue.

“In private,” she said, exasperated and took his arm, leading him away. She looked back at me and gave me a dazzling smile. I giggled.

When they were a fair distance away Brice cleared his throat. “So, I was wondering if you wanted to go with me to Kimber’s end-of-the-year party?”

Excitement exploded through my middle. “I would love to.” I had been hoping he would ask me! We had gone out a few times before, but this, showing up at Kimber’s party together would be making a statement. A statement that we were an item.

He smiled, turning the power of both his dimples and his dazzling smile on me. “Yeah? Cool.” He shoved a hand through his brown hair, visibly relieved.

I twisted a strand of shiny blond hair around my finger and smiled, about to say something completely ditzy I’m sure, but Kimber saved me from making an idiot of myself. “Heven, we gotta go. We can’t be late for cheerleading; they’re announcing next year’s squad captain!”

How could I have forgotten about that?!

“I heard that you’re going to be named.” Brice said. “Congrats, captain.”

“Thanks.” I said. “But it hasn’t been announced yet.”

Kimber made a noise. “Please, like you don’t know it’s in the bag.”

Well, okay, it was pretty certain. I gave Cole and Brice and little wave as Kimber drug me away.

We quickly changed into our cheer uniforms and I took a moment to brush my hair into a ponytail and add blue and gold ribbons (the school’s colors) wanting to look fabulous for the moment I was made captain.

Then we rushed out into the gymnasium where my future awaited.


I took another glance at the clock. Only a few more minutes ‘til my shift was over. Usually I liked working; it was a good excuse not to be home. I liked the people. They didn’t seem to have any hidden agendas or horrible secrets lurking in their gaze. But tonight I just wanted to leave. I felt caged in, restless.

The monster was gone, and even though I knew it would be coming back, it always came back, I was thankful for the fact that I had been rid of it for a few days. I felt like I could breathe – I had been able to let down my guard for a while. I knew why I was so edgy tonight.

I wanted to see her.

It felt like eons since I had seen her last. I said I wouldn’t see her again. I missed her. I could go and see her, from a distance of course and no one would know.

Just one last time.

I would make this last memory count. I would commit it to my brain so that I would always carry a little piece of her with me.

I would tell her goodbye. Even though I never got to say hello.


Best. Day. Ever! This day was turning out to be awesome! The cheer squad was mine, Brice and I were practically dating – we would be dating after Kimber’s party and summer vacation was only a couple short weeks away! Now, if I could only erase this little essay problem this day would be perfect. Maybe I should take Kimber’s lead on this one and buy a paper.