Bent Over Screaming

By: Lily Green

Chapter One

THE POWER POINT flashed by on the screen, slide after slide, until finally the presentation was over.

Emily squinted as the lights came back on, revealing the numerous partners, coworkers and paralegals seated at the long table in front of her. The projector behind her hummed for a second before falling silent.

Quickly Emily glanced from face to face of the partners seated closest to her. They all looked tired, like they needed another cup of coffee. Being a partner of a high profile legal firm was no joke and the toll was visible on all of them. But she saw the sign she was seeking.

Although tired, they were all smiling and looking attentive. This was good sign, and the smile that spread across Emily's face was genuine. She didn't check any of the other faces in the room because the partners ran the show. She skipped all of them except one.

Adam, sitting at the far right corner of the table, gave her a thumbs up and a big smile. Emily took a deep breathe, drew herself upright, and continued with the proposal.

“In this way, working hand in hand with the city...” Emily heard herself talking but her mind was elsewhere. She had gone over this speech so many times she could have given it while juggling chainsaws. Now that she’d relaxed, that was, the next part was fairly easy.

As she finished off her presentation, Emily's mind wondered back to the start of the day, when she had just come into the office and started a fresh pot of coffee. She had been early, wanting to square a few loose ends away before she had to prepare the meeting room for the proposal.

Adam had been early as well and when the coffee was done, he had gotten a cup before sauntering over to her cubicle.

“Emily, this is great coffee. Did you bring it from home?” Adam asked.

I turned to look at Adam standing at the door of my cubicle.

He was a handsome enough guy, standing about 5' 10” with full head of brown hair and blue eyes. In the right light, he looked a little bit like a movie star sometimes. Emily couldn't help but notice that the buttoned up shirt he had worn to work showed off his pecs really well, the fabric between the apparently chiseled muscles strained at the buttons.

Adam had been pursuing her for weeks now — without being formal about it — so she called him guy friend. He was really nice and intelligent, and not like any of the other guys she knew. He’s so... naive. Emily had been to and done many things she knew Adam couldn’t even imagine.

But that didn’t mean she hadn’t noticed his delicious physical attributes. It had been so long since she had indulged himself. The problem with Adam was, if she let him get in, she would get into his skin.

And it would be very nice.

And when it’s over, she would hate herself for making one more cynical soul.

He’s just too nice, and she didn’t want to hurt him.

But Emily's gaze still continued down Adam's crotch and saw that he was rock hard, no doubt caused by her blatant observation of his body. It took her breathe away for a second. She tried to get composed by fanning herself while answering.

“Umm, no, Adam. I just, uh, I just used the coffee that was there,” Emily said. “But yesterday night I cleaned out the coffee pot really well and also ran some cleaner through the coffee maker itself. I think it helps take away some of the sludgy bitter taste off,” she blabbered, looking away from him.

“I agree,” Adam said, his voice a little hoarse but okay. “Oh, and I got you this on the way to work.” He sounded like he just remembered it.

She looked up at him, curious. And like a magician, he produced a small black jewelry box from behind his back. Without any fanfare, he handed it to her.

Emily hesitated for a moment while she peered up into Adam's face for any clues he might divulge about the box’s contents. Finding nothing but his smile, she flipped the box’s top up to see a glittering white gold bracelet studded with little floweret-shaped stones inside.

“Oh, Adam, you shouldn't have!” Emily cried out, then stood up to embrace him in a hug.

“Don't worry about it,” Adam said. “I know you don't have a boyfriend or anything, so I figured somebody has to buy you nice things.”

Uh-oh. With her arms around his neck, Emily could feel Adam's steel hard-on pressing into her stomach. She released him abruptly. “Well, you know, I am completely capable of buying things for myself, but I do appreciate it,” Emily said. She smiled up at his face. “It really means a lot that you are so thoughtful, Adam. A girl couldn't ask for a better guy friend.”

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