Best:Book 3 in the Change Series

By: Melanie Jayne

Book 3 in the Change Series

Chapter One


I wrapped the coffee-brown towel around my hips and ran a hand through my hair. Although a comb sat on the vanity, I didn’t like using someone else’s. Resting my hands on the rim of the sink, I stared hard at myself in Holly’s mirror and felt a slight chill on my damp skin from the air conditioning.

This is it. The internal dialog that had been on stuck on replay for the last three weeks echoed in my head. I can’t believe I’m doing this, one voice said full of disdain. This is how you get what you want, like what Forde and Tony have.

“Time to do this.” I pushed away from the sink, while ignoring the apprehensiveness that hit me. No second guessing once a decision was made. A Burke did not show weakness—ever.

I strode into her girly pink bedroom. I hated this room. It was too frilly, too lacy for a woman like Holly who wasn’t soft in any way.

She sat in her bed with her back resting against the headboard tapping away on her phone. She didn’t even look up.

“So...” I started lamely. For a man who used his words daily to sway judges or arbitrators, I was starting this important conversation in an awkward manner

She stopped looking at her phone and transferred her attention to me. Large green eyes gave me a wary glance.

Perching on the opposite end of the bed, I waited until our gazes met. Stop being a pussy. “Do you ever think about this thing?” Okay, so maybe I should have planned a better opening line...

“What thing?”

Holly knew damn well what I was getting at. I could tell by the way she her eyes slid away. “Between us.” I motioned with my finger at her then me.

She shifted and folded her long legs so that she sat straighter, Indian style. “First of all, there is no ‘thing’ and, secondly, there is no ‘us.’”

I started to interrupt, but she continued, neatly cutting me off.

“Tye, I told you that before we got together the first time.”

Yeah, she had. Holly Higgins did not “do relationships”. She’d mentioned it, but that was before we fucked almost every night. Something that might cause a guy to assume there was a relationship, and it was deepening.

The smile she flashed failed to reassure. “We aren’t those kinds of people, hon.” She pulled the sheet tighter over her luscious breasts.

“Yeah, but you have to admit we get each other.” I gave her the grin that had swayed many women to my point of view. “I haven’t heard you complaining.”

Her mouth tightened. “You knew we were temporary. I mean, you like to fuck. You’re practically a legend in this town. We’ve had fun, but that’s all it is.”

One of the reasons I can charge four hundred and fifty dollars an hour as the top family law attorney in Indianapolis is that I know when I’m not going to win. I tried another tack. “Do you ever get lonely?”

“Oh, God, not you, too.” She blew out a breath then slid out from under the sheet and moved to her closet door to grab her robe. She tied the belt around her waist then turned to face me. “Granted Forde and Layla are happy, and watching Tony hold little Olivia makes me want to be Zoe for one night, but you and me?” She snorted. “We aren’t like that. Being tied down to one partner...a home and kids—that’s not us, Tye.”

I used to think that was true but, lately, I’d begun to wonder. Sure, some of this had probably come from watching my best friend fall in love with a woman who thought he was a superhero. Their connection had proved unshakeable when Forde learned he had an eighteen-year-old son. Now, he and his wife were expecting their first child together. I liked hanging out at their apartment, lazing on the huge sofa, eating the snacks Layla brought us, and laughing at nothing. It made me feel accepted, loved. Almost part of a family...

Then I’d met Tony and Zoe Alessi. Tony now worked for Forde doing consulting work. At least, that’s what they called it. However, Tony wasn’t some desk-jockey investigator. He worked his contacts out on the streets, liked to mix it up. I sensed in him, despite his happy home life, the same hunger all the men working at Forde Limited had. They didn’t have problems closing a case by any means necessary.