Biker's Baby Girl(4)

By: Jordan Silver

I didn’t want to take too long, just in case it was a dream and he was gone when I got back down there. Or worse yet she was able to convince him with her lies. I couldn’t stand that, not after he’d held me like that, not after the promise of being taken away from here. I’d just die.


Chapter 2


I looked at the woman in front of me wordlessly. I hadn't come here for this, not yet, not in front of my babygirl. I’d made a conscious choice a long time ago that none of the darkness of life would ever touch her again. That I would stand between her and whatever came. That’s why although I was prepared for war, I’d come here knowing that I wouldn’t shed blood in front of her.

In fact I'd come for one thing and one thing only, to take what was mine and get the fuck out. I'd done nothing but think on my way here and I could kick my own ass for leaving things this long. I should've come for her as soon as she was of legal age and fuck society's mores. If I had none of this would’ve happened.

"Did you know?" I barely kept myself from crossing the room to her, because even as I asked- I already knew. I watched her now as she fidgeted; nothing but nerves. She was about to become the first female I fucking offed. Hold it, babygirl’s upstairs, remember? No bloodshed asshole.

"Know what, what's gotten into you? First you show up out of nowhere and then you ask all these strange questions." I could break this bitch's neck. Not only because she was a fuck up, but because she'd fooled me into thinking that she could be trusted, and by so doing had put my babygirl in danger.

My babygirl fuck! There was a time when that meant something a whole lot different than it does now. Back then it meant pigtails and cotton candy on a bright summer day. Now, now it meant hot nights and sweat.

Yeah, that’s what I think about now when I picture her. Under me, with me buried so deep inside her there was no end and no beginning, and the heat of our bodies making us sweat. I shook it off when it was getting to be too much. Now was not the time, but soon.

I moved forward towards my prey, willing myself not to strangle her ass before I got my answers. "Did you fucking know what he was doing to her?" It was the flinch that gave her away. If she'd looked confused in the least I would've given her a break, but her reaction convinced me that she either knew or suspected, either way she was aware.

"Tell me where the fuck he is or you can get some of what he has coming to him."

"How do you know it's even true? You know she's always making things up to make us look bad."

Hearing her say that in that familiar way, reminded me of every time she'd convinced me of just that shit in the past. Every time my babygirl would write or call me with a complaint, she'd give me the same half ass excuse. And me being a fucking hump would always fall for the okey-doke.

Now as I stood there I recalled plenty of things that were warning signs, if only I'd paid attention instead of running. There had been so much that I missed because I was too fucking lax.

I’d bought this one’s bullshit over the years hook line and sinker. What had that done to the young girl up those stairs? What else had she been subjected to, what had she endured because of me?

I felt shame and rage fight each other for dominance within me, as I dealt with my part in this farce. How many times had she cried out to me before I put a wedge between us? A wedge that I thought was needed to protect her from me.

How was I to know that someone else would try to take what's mine, what's always been meant for me? When I thought I was protecting her I was leaving her in harm’s way all along. Somebody was gonna pay for that shit.

"She didn't tell me shit, it’s fuck this shit o’clock, and I just rode a long way. Now start talking before I break every bone in your body starting with your fucking back." I was this fucking close. That haze of rage was threatening to overshadow everything else, even my need to protect my girl from bullshit.

I could see the lies forming in her eyes before she even opened her mouth, and felt sick to my stomach. How many times had I seen that look, how often have I fallen for it? What a fucking cluster fuck. Later, you can kick your own ass later; right now you have a couple enemies to annihilate.

"Jessie's been acting up a lot lately, you know she's started college these two years past and she thinks she's an adult. Sal and I do everything we can for that girl you know that, but she's a tad headstrong and ungrateful..."

It was the same fucking spiel I'd heard a thousand times before, only this time I wasn't buying that shit.

How had she felt all those years when she’d been trying to tell me the shit that was happening to her and I believed this bitch’s word over hers? Granted that shit was nothing compared to this but still?