Biker's Baby Girl(86)

By: Jordan Silver

I only felt whole again when she gave me her tongue and wrapped her arms around me. My heart grew and beat harder inside my chest with the emotion that welled up inside me. “You’re mine, my babygirl.”

“No one will ever have you but me, ever.” I pulled her hair back so I could look into her face as I fed her my dick with steady strokes that went deep. “We’re not leaving this room until I give you my son.”

I love the fact that every time I even mentioned fucking my kid into her-her pussy creams on my cock. After she calmed down I pulled out and tapped her clit with my piercings until her eyes were rolling back in her head.

“I want to eat you.” I slid down her body and sucked her pussy into my mouth, sinking my tongue deep so I could lap up some of that fresh cream.

She fucked herself wildly on my tongue while pulling on my hair until she filled my mouth again. Pulling my tongue out of her I wiped my face in her thigh.

“I want to pierce your clit.” I licked her there before climbing up her body and sliding my cock back inside her as I teased her clit with my thumb, just where I planned to pierce her.

I came in her snatch for the third time that night and stayed buried inside her, stealing kisses from her already swollen lips before the phone rang disturbing us.

“Yo! What’s up Law?”

“We’re heading out to you should be there in a few. We’ll stop long enough to fuel up but then we’re on the road to Georgia.”

“Fuck’s wrong with you, why you sound like that?” I ran my hand over her ass as she came down from her dick high.

“Fucking Lyon, have to keep a leash on his ass, asshole tried to get by us to head into the fucking desert.”

“Kabul?” What the fuck; was Lyon planning on going after Khalil himself?

“No asshole, Arizona, then again wouldn’t put it past him to head there next with his crazy ass just be ready.” He hung up on my laugh. The next little while promised to be fun.

“Up and at ‘em wife of mine, we’re taking a little vacation.” She rolled around on the bed and smiled at me. She knew she was gonna be seeing her girls again soon. It did my heart good to know that someone who had been starved of such things in the past now had that.

I dropped down on the bed beside her, covering her body again. “One more for the road; fuck I love you babygirl.”