Blade's Desire: Adoring Kelly(2)

By: Leah Brooke

When she’d first met him, she’d been terrified of him and the way he’d made her feel. Her ex-boyfriend had been abusive in every way, and getting involved with a man as masculine as Blade, a man who didn’t even attempt to hide the fact that he liked to dominate women, scared her to death.

He’d been patient and loving with her, and she’d eventually come to trust him completely.

She’d learned trust at his hands. Learned to love with his guidance.

She’d learned that sex could bring pleasure, and Blade had given her more than she’d ever thought possible. She’d given herself to him completely. In every way.

In doing so, they’d established a bond so strong and secure that she’d felt almost as if she were a part of him, and he of her.

It was a connection she didn’t want to lose.

Placing her hands over his, she leaned back against him, grateful for his support. “You worry about me all the time. I hate being such a burden to you.”

“Is my son kicking you again, baby?” He rocked her in his arms, another habit he’d acquired during her first pregnancy.

She couldn’t help but smile at his tone, a deep silky tone that, with the slightest change in inflection, could comfort, arouse, or send a chill of apprehension through her.

Kelly couldn’t help but smile at Blade’s conviction that she carried a boy, even though they’d told the doctor that they didn’t want to know the baby’s sex. “Yes, but he’s not as energetic as he was earlier.” Tired and irritable, she just wanted to lie in bed and watch television, but knew that if she went to bed in front of him, he would just worry even more. Wanting to change the subject, she turned her head, looking up at him over her shoulder.

“You look very sexy tonight. Of course, you always look sexy, but when you dress for the club…”

She didn’t want to think about the women that would be there. Scantily clad, if they wore anything at all, and probably all stunningly beautiful. Thin.

“Hmm.” Blade nuzzled her neck in a particularly sensitive spot that he’d mastered long ago. “It’s nice to know my beautiful wife thinks I’m sexy, especially since I think she’s the sexiest, most desirable woman on earth.”

Turning away, she blinked back tears, angry that he would never see her as sexy again, scared that he wouldn’t be able to find the pleasure in her he had before. “Don’t patronize me, Blade. I’m fat and I waddle.”

She tried to push him away, but he cuddled her closer. “Let go of me.”

God, she wanted him so much.

It was a need that would go unsatisfied. Blade had stopped making love to her months earlier, too scared of hurting her and causing another miscarriage.

“Never.” Sliding his hands higher, he began to massage her breasts, his touch soothing on her aching body. “You’re mine forever. I’ll never let you go. Still sensitive, baby?”

Moaning at the pleasure, she slumped against him, the heat of his body against hers easing her aching body. “Hmm.” Turning her head, she lifted her face to his. “Yes, but don’t stop. I ache everywhere. I’m so fat that I can’t even get out of a chair without help. Very sexy, huh?”

Wincing at the tightening around her abdomen, she stiffened. Not wanting to worry him, she bit back a moan, grateful when it passed almost immediately. “You’ve spent months handling me with kid gloves. I was scared of you when we met, even though I was attracted to you—had feelings for you. You were so patient with me, until I could let go, and be what you needed.” Smiling she closed her eyes. “What we both needed.”

Opening her eyes again, she sighed. “But ever since I got pregnant the first time, it seems all you’ve been doing is taking care of me. Handling me as if I’ll break. I’m sure this isn’t what you expected when you married me.”

Blade rubbed her abdomen, his lips warm against her ear. “I got even more than I could have ever hoped for.”

Turning her in his arms, he frowned down at her, his eyes full of concern. “Kelly, you’re my life. You know how much I love you, don’t you?”

Love for him swelled inside her. Reaching up, she flattened her hands on his chest, flexing her fingers into the hard muscle she knew so well. “Blade, you’ve been so wonderful through my pregnancies and miscarriages. You’ve been my rock.”

Blinking back tears, she clenched her jaw when another pain hit her—like a rubber band tightening around her abdomen. “I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

“You’ll never have to be without me, baby.”