Blade's Desire: Adoring Kelly(3)

By: Leah Brooke

Scared now, she looked up at him through her lashes, and voiced the fear that had been choking her for months. “We’re never going to be the same, are we?”

Blade stilled, his eyes narrowing. “Kelly, what the hell are you talking about?” Wrapping an arm around her, he led her to the bed, urging her to sit. “You’re tired, honey, and you’re in pain.”

Wincing at the ache in her back, she laid on her side, curling her body as she searched for a comfortable position. “I know you love me, Blade. I know how much you want this baby. I’m just afraid. You haven’t touched me in months. I see the way you look at me. Something’s missing. I miss that look.”

Blade positioned himself to lean over her protectively. “Of course I want this baby. I want you, too, Kelly. I’ve never stopped wanting you.”

Blowing out a breath, he laid a hand on her abdomen as he knelt on the floor beside her. His expression softened, but his eyes narrowed in concern. “You’re tired, baby, and uncomfortable. Just stay here. I’ll call the club and tell them—”

She didn’t want him to see her this way. She hated the fear in his eyes. Knowing he needed a break from all the tension, she forced a smile. “No. Just go. I’ll be fine. I feel better already. I’ll just lie here for a while.”

Leaning close, Blade cupped her jaw, brushing his lips over hers. “I always want you, Kelly, but we both have to be patient. You really don’t expect me to spank your gorgeous ass while you’re pregnant, do you? Or put clamps on already tender nipples?”

Kelly swallowed the lump in her throat. It had been so long since he’d done either of those things. “Blade, you love sex. Love to play, but you haven’t touched me in months. Even after I have the baby, it’ll be a while before I recover. Then, I’ll be nursing. You’re never going to want me that way again. You’re too scared of hurting me now. I see it in your eyes.”

A sob escaped before she could prevent it. “Love isn’t going to be enough for us, is it? I’m going to lose you.”

“Kelly, that’s enough.” The impatience in his tone scared her.

She’d never known Blade to be impatient about anything.

Cursing, he ran his hand over her abdomen again. Closing his eyes, he blew out a breath, before opening them again, holding her gaze with his tortured one. “You’re getting all worked up over nothing.” Frowning, he glanced at her stomach before meeting her gaze again. “You’re having contractions, aren’t you? You’re in even more pain than I thought. Were you even going to tell me?”

He shot to his feet, cursing soundly. “We’ll deal with that later. Stay here. I’m going to go call your doctor.”

Kelly winced, her entire body tightening as another contraction hit her. Overcome with pain and fear, she reached for her husband. “Blade, it’s too soon. The baby’s not due for another month.”

He smiled, his eyes gentling, but still swirling with fear. “I know, baby. Everything’ll be fine.”

Relying on his strength, she gripped his hand while he used the other to hold his cell phone to his ear. Listening to his short, terse conversation with her doctor, she closed her eyes and sought a more comfortable position. The sudden rush of warmth startled her. “Oh, God. Blade, my water broke.”

Please, God, don’t let us lose another baby.

Blade turned away, whispering frantically into the phone before turning back to her. His eyes held a hint of wildness when they met hers again, but his tone remained calm and controlled. “Calm down, baby. An ambulance is coming to take us to the hospital.”

She gripped his hand and tried to sit up, but found herself lowered to her back. “No! No ambulance. You drive me.” The thought of having to ride in an ambulance again terrified her.

“I’m losing the baby, aren’t I? This can’t be happening again!”

Blade gathered her in his arms, lifting her against his hard chest. Sitting on the edge of the bed, he settled her on his lap, wrapping her in a blanket. “Calm down, baby. Please. Breathe slowly. In and out. That’s my girl.”

“Blade, it’s too early. The lungs aren’t ready, but my water already broke. The baby’s coming. He’s not moving.” Terrified, and in agony, she held on to him, looking into his eyes.

Looking to him for guidance and support.

Her rock.

As her husband, her lover, her Master, she’d learned to rely on his guidance and strength, never more so than at that moment.

Blade’s tense smile didn’t reach his eyes, his playful tone an obvious effort to reassure her. “I’m glad you finally realize I’m right and we’re having a boy. Now, just relax and take nice, slow breaths for me.”