Blade's Desire: Adoring Kelly(4)

By: Leah Brooke

“Why do we have to go by ambulance? Why can’t you drive me? Something’s wrong, isn’t it?” She couldn’t calm down, and struggled to slow her breathing, but the panic and fear nearly choked her.

“Of course not.” Rocking her, he buried his face in her hair. “Everything’s going to be just fine. We’re going to the hospital and having a baby. Eight months, Kelly. The baby’ll be just fine, and so will you.”

“Then why do we have to go by ambulance?”

Blade forced a smile to hide his horror. “Because I want to hold you, and it’ll be faster.” Every minute seemed to last an eternity. Murmuring to Kelly, he tried to keep the terror out of his voice as he waited, while at the same time holding her gaze.

He knew what he had to do to calm her, but it had never been as difficult as now.

He’d wrapped her in the blanket, hoping she didn’t see the blood, but could even now feel it soaking the front of his trousers.

She looked pale—too pale. Her eyes glimmered with pain and fear, her hand moving almost continuously over her swollen abdomen.

God, he loved her. If anything happened to her…

The sound of the siren piercing the night sky had to be the most wonderful sound he’d ever heard.

She was too damned pale!

Her grip on him didn’t seem as strong as before, her small, pale hands almost lifeless in his. The fear and love in her eyes ripped at his heart, the trust in them giving him the strength he needed to push back the mind-numbing terror.

Forcing a smile, he touched his lips to hers, tightening his hold as if that would keep her from slipping away. “The ambulance is here. Just calm down. The doctor’s going to meet us at the hospital, and everything’s going to be fine, baby.”

Lifting her as gently as possible, he fought the urge to run outside, knowing that scaring her would only make things worse. As he’d expected, the ambulance attendants rushed toward him, along with Rafe Delgatto, one of the town deputies in Desire.

Rafe stopped abruptly, his eyes widening in horror when he saw the blanket wrapped around Kelly. Before he could say anything, Blade shook his head in a barely perceptible movement, glancing meaningfully to where Kelly rested her head against his shoulder with her eyes closed.

Rafe nodded, his expression softening when Kelly turned toward him. “I heard the call on the radio and rushed right over.” He touched Kelly’s arm, smiling when she lifted her head. “Hi, honey. Looks like you’re ready to have this baby. You feeling okay?”

Shaking, Kelly lifted her head and gave Rafe a tremulous smile. “I’m fine. My water broke, so I guess this is it.”

Rafe inclined his head, walking with them toward the waiting stretcher. “I think I’ll follow you in. There’ll be a lot of excitement in town when everyone finds out.”

Blade lowered his wife to the stretcher, smiling to hide his fear. “Let’s go have a baby.”

As the paramedics lifted her into the ambulance and began taking her vital signs, Blade turned his head, never taking his eyes from his beloved wife. “Rafe, can you give Jesse a call? Kelly’s gonna want her there.”

Rafe touched his shoulder, squeezing in support. “Of course. I’ll call Royce and King, too, and tell them what’s going on. She’s gonna be fine, Blade.”

“Yeah.” Blade stepped up into the ambulance, rushing to Kelly’s side, but he wasn’t fast enough.

Kelly saw the blood.

Her face lost what little color she’d had, her eyes wild with terror. “Oh my God! Blade!”

Her cry ripped at him, and with a curse, he covered her again.

Tuning out the conversation between the paramedics, Blade leaned over his wife, taking her face in his hands. “I love you, Kelly. Please calm down. I’m here. Everything will be fine.”

“Oh, Blade. It’s happening again.”

Blade bent low, brushing her lips with his. “Calm down. You know how to do that. Breathe for me. Just focus on me and breathe. You’re going to be fine.”

“Blade, I’m so sorry.”

Blade gripped her hand, his stomach knotted so tightly he couldn’t breathe. “Sorry for what, baby?”

“I wanted so much to give you the son you wanted.”

Bringing her hand to his lips, he forced a smile. “You’re going to give him to me now. You just relax and breathe. We’ll get to the hospital soon, and everything’s going to be fine.”

Gripping her chin, he purposely hardened his tone. “Have I ever lied to you, Kelly? Now, you do what I say and relax, or there’ll be hell to pay when I get you back home.”

To his relief, Kelly smiled. “You don’t scare me anymore, tough guy.” Her sob ripped through him. “I love you, Blade. If anything happens to me, I want you to know that you’re everything to me.”