Blade's Desire: Adoring Kelly(40)

By: Leah Brooke

Thrusting harder and deeper, Blade pulled back the hood of her clit and slid his fingers hard and fast over the swollen nub, the friction sending her over again in a rush of heat and sensation that tore a sob from her.

Trembling and weak, she whimpered through her orgasm, the sensations layering over each other becoming so intense that she knew nothing else.

She had no choice but to accept it, sucked into a world of erotic pleasure that pushed everything else aside.

She didn’t know how much time had passed, but she gradually became aware of Blade’s soft crooning voice close to her ear as he peeled her out of the tight leather. She blinked, surprised to find that he’d released her from the restraints without her knowing about it.

“That’s my baby. I knew you could do it. Yes, love. I’ve got you. You’re so beautiful, honey. No, baby. I’ve got it. Let me take care of you.”

Before she knew it, he was lowering both of them into the large bathtub in the master bathroom, holding her close as he settled her on his lap.

Opening her eyes, she reached up to touch his jaw. “Oh, Blade. That was amazing. I love you so much.”

Touching his lips to hers, he ran his hands over her breast and down to her belly. “I love you, too, Kelly, sometimes more than I can stand.”

Lifting his head, he cupped her cheek, smiling faintly. “I adore you, love, and the thought of anything happening to you scares the hell out of me. I love our son, but I can’t risk having any more. I need you too damned much.”

Pressing a hand to her breast, he frowned. “Your breasts are full. You’re going to be in pain if you don’t feed Hawke tonight.”

With a moan, Kelly arched into his slow massage. “I want tonight with you. I’ll use the breast pump when I get out.”

“I’ll do it.” Blade smiled at her look of surprise. “You belong to me, Kelly, and I’ll take care of you. You scared me, baby, and it’s not something I think I’m ever going to get over.”

Warmed by the love shining in his eyes, Kelly cuddled close. “I’m fine, Blade. I promise. I love our son, too, but I have to admit, I’m kind of relieved that we won’t be having any more children. I don’t want to leave you a minute before I have to.”

Blade bent her back over his arm, running his hands up and down her body. “I never thought I would love the way I love you. I never thought the need to possess would go so deep. I never thought the need to cherish would be so strong.”

Cupping her cheek, he ran his thumb over her bottom lip, his hooded eyes glittering with emotion. “And every time I think I can’t love you any more, I do. You’ve made me a better man, Kelly, a man who loves you with every fiber of his being.”

Tears blurred her vision as he lowered his head, taking her lips in a kiss so sweet, it brought a lump to her throat.

Lifting his head, he smiled. “That doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about turning you over my knee tonight.”

Recognizing the concern in his eyes at the tears in hers, and his attempt to lighten the atmosphere, Kelly nodded. Choking back a sob at the depth of her feelings for him, Kelly smiled through her tears. “I would be extremely disappointed if you did.”

His love for her overwhelmed her at times, as did her love for him. “I’m so glad Jesse talked me into moving here.”

Blade hugged her close. “So am I, love. So am I. I’ll be forever grateful to her for bringing you into my life.”

Kelly sighed, snuggling closer to her husband. Her lover. Her friend.

Life had changed for her so much since she met him.

He’d made her better, too. Stronger. Confident.

Secure in her husband’s love, and in his arms, she closed her eyes and snuggled close again, smiling when his arms tightened around her.

There was no place she’d rather be.