Blade's Desire: Adoring Kelly

By: Leah Brooke

The More Desire, Oklahoma 2

Chapter One

Kelly Royal watched her tall, dark, and incredibly handsome husband as he got ready to go to work, once again mesmerized by the sheer strength and sexuality surrounding him.

The power and grace in his lean, muscular frame never failed to make her heart beat faster, creating a yearning inside her that never waned.

She wondered if she’d ever get used to the fact that such an incredible man loved her.

Leaning back against the large, heavy dresser, she let her gaze move over him as she had hundreds of times before, still a little dazed each time he looked at her with eyes shining with love or dark with concern.

He was everything to her, and he made it clear, by word and by deed, that she was the most important thing in the world to him.

It still amazed her.

He’d pulled his hair back, as he always did before going to the club, in a style that suited him and emphasized his sharp, chiseled features.

With his high cheekbones, glittering black eyes, dark skin of his ancestors, and hair as black as midnight, he looked every inch a warrior.

Her warrior.

He fought her demons—her fears and insecurities—with a fierceness and single-mindedness that didn’t allow for failure.

He was her rock.

After suffering two miscarriages, the news that she’d become pregnant again had both thrilled and terrified her, and she knew it had the same effect on him.

Blade tried not to let his fear show, and had been a pillar of strength through her pregnancy, but he watched her like a hawk and treated her with kid gloves.

She’d learned to read her husband’s moods—a necessary skill for a submissive when dealing with her Master—and knew just how scared he was, for her, and for the baby.

It shone in his eyes at times before he could mask it. She felt it in his touch, a desperation he couldn’t quite hide.

He teased her out of her grumpy moods, rocked her and rubbed her swollen abdomen when the baby wouldn’t settle, and fussed over her almost constantly to eat and to rest.

Nothing escaped his notice.

He hadn’t slept through the night in months.

She’d waken several times to find him watching her. She’d witnessed the horror in his eyes when she’d woken from a sound sleep several weeks ago, gasping for air.

Blade had been like a wild man, hovering over her and lifting her swollen body with an ease that never failed to astound her. Even though she’d been able to catch her breath, he’d bundled her in blankets and raced with her to the doctor’s office, murmuring softly to her the entire time.

The hell in his eyes had been unimaginable.

The doctor had assured them that it had only been the weight of the baby pressing on her lungs, but Blade had been scared to death of letting her fall asleep without him nearby ever since.

Since then, he’d slept sitting up, propped with pillows, with her in his arms. Night after night, he held her while she slept, barely getting any sleep himself, and every movement she made brought him awake in an instant.

His attentiveness and protectiveness, so much a part of him, became even more pronounced.

She couldn’t have asked for anything more in a husband.

Still, she couldn’t help worrying about him, and knew that things between them had changed. Altered.

He’d always been everything to her, and given her everything she’d ever needed or wanted.

But, he looked at her differently now, and she didn’t know if she’d ever be what he needed again.

And it scared the hell out of her.

She could never fully explain to him how much his strength and love had gotten her through her miscarriages and this pregnancy, and she wanted to show him. She needed to give to him as much as he’d given to her.


Blinking, she lifted her gaze to his, giving him the reassuring smile that had become automatic.

“Yes. Sorry, my mind wandered. It usually does when I look at you.”

He crossed the room to her, his graceful strides making her heart beat faster. “Nice try.” Taking her hands in his, he lifted them to his lips, his eyes dark with concern. “Something’s wrong. What is it?”

She loved him so much, it weakened her knees. She’d been such a burden to him for so long, and hated that he worried so much for her. She hated the stress she caused him, and hated that he never laughed anymore. “I’m fine, Blade. Stop fussing.”

Blade frowned, clearly not believing her. Moving in behind her, he held her close, running his hands over her swollen abdomen in a loving gesture she’d come to adore. “I like fussing over you. Something’s bothering you. What is it?” He spoke in the same soft tone he’d used ever since her first miscarriage, as if afraid of scaring her.