Blaze (Dragon's Destiny_ Fated Mates Book 4)(3)

By: Wolf Specter & Angel Knots

Ben grinned, winking at his husband before he answered me. “Can’t, thanks.”

I tossed a bottle to Zander and set my own unopened one on the counter next to the ever-present potted orchid they kept there. The drink could wait, but little Chay was smacking my cheek with his slobber-covered fist, and I knew what that meant.

He may not have his wings yet, but the kid did like to fly.

I tossed him in the air, laughing along with him as he pinwheeled his arms and squealed in delight. He weighed less than one of my boots, and with his insanely cute little giggles to egg me on, I could keep this shit up for hours.

“If he vomits again, I refuse to be the one to clean it up,” Zander said, failing on the hiding-his-smile front as he leaned against the doorjamb, sipping his beer and watching us.

“That’s why I haven’t fed him yet, my heart,” Ben said, pulling something out of the oven that made me really glad I’d come. “And also why I don’t serve peas anymore,” he added under his breath.

Yeah… about that. Z still didn’t believe I’d actually been called back into work right after The Great Spew happened, but swear to God, it was as if fate had chosen that moment to bless me. Which really, if you thought about it, was only fair… given that I’d definitely drawn the short straw when it came to what I really wanted from fate.

Still, I’d take what I could get.

Ben shooed us toward the table, expertly confining a rosy-cheeked Chay back in his high chair as soon as I handed him over, and then popped a teething biscuit in the baby’s hands to distract him before he could fuss about the abrupt change in entertainment. Ben’s eyes were sparkling as he watched at me over his son’s head, and I narrowed mine at him, trying to figure out the joke. He looked like the cat who’d swallowed the canary, and I looked back and forth between him and an equally excited Z. Something was definitely up.

“Just tell him before you burst, Schatzi,” Zander finally said to Ben, giving him one of those looks that I knew from experience meant there was some sort of behind-the-scenes, mating-bond style communication happening between them.

I ignored an all-too-familiar pang of longing at the sight. Shit, I had to get the fuck over my pointless desire to have what I was never going to get: a fated mated of my own. It was a dragon thing, and believe me, finding out that they were actually real—and existed in the form of hot-as-fuck guys who bonded for life and loved their mates in a ridiculously sappy, eyes-only-for-you, this-shit’s-forever kind of way—should’ve been too much, but instead, it was the perfect combination of sweet and sexy… even if you didn’t normally go for that kind of thing. The gay thing, I mean. Anyway, knowing about it was both a blessing and a curse.

On the one hand, it was cool as shit that I was one of the very few humans to be let in on the secret of their existence. On the other hand, it had sort of ruined real life for me. I mean, my real life. Since I was never going to have a dragon in it.

Besides all the ones I considered friends, obviously.

But I was never going to have one of my own. I was never going to find “the other half of my soul,” as my twin’s mate, Dane, liked to say.

Cheesy as hell, sure, but he meant it literally.

To be honest, hooking up with bar bunnies had sort of lost its appeal after getting a glimpse of what my brother had. And even when I’d started to want something more, some girl I could really, you know, love and shit… I just couldn’t seem to find anyone that I felt it with. It’s not like I hadn’t looked, but the few I’d tried to make a go of it with, welp, it had just felt hollow compared to the epic love stories I’d been around ever since finding out about dragons.

But that clearly wasn’t what fate had in mind for me.

And how was I supposed to explain all that to Markham and Jax? Sorry, dudes, I’m just not into going clubbing anymore because I’m bummed that I’m not going to find my destiny on the dance floor? They would die laughing.

And fire-breathing dragons? Definitely not gonna fly.

So yeah, as stoked as I was to know that dragonshifters like Ben and Zander existed, it also kind of sucked to be so close to something that was forever out of reach… because when it came to dragons, the good ones were all taken. And by “good,” I mean the ones who weren’t evil pieces of shit who liked to fuck around with humanity for their own selfish ends.

Also By Wolf Specter & Angel Knots

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