Blissfully Undone(84)

By: Red Phoenix

Jenny wrapped her legs around him, moaning with unrestrained passion. When his shaft was finally spent, Dan rolled next to her and let out a long sigh of satisfaction.

“I’ve been waiting to do that for a long time.”

Jenny propped her head with her hand and grinned. “What? Make me come three times?”

He turned his head towards her, his bangs flirtatiously covering his eyes. “No. Giving you all of me.”

His answer thrilled her. Jenny brushed back his blond hair with her fingers, looking into those dark brown eyes. “All this time, I never suspected…”

“I’m full of all kinds of surprises, little wife.”

Jenny smiled seductively. “You’re not the only one, husband. Wait here.” Jenny got up and headed for the kitchen. She grabbed a bowl from under the counter, trying to be quiet as to not raise suspicion. She held her breath before opening the outside door and quickly scooping a generous helping of snow from the drift next to the cabin. She shivered as she shut the door against the wind. It was seriously picking up, leaving her with no doubt they would be snowed in by morning.

“What are you doing out there, Jenny?” he called from the bedroom.

“Just checking the storm. Looks like it is going to be a doozie. But don’t you worry, honey. Your little wifey is getting your surprise ready as we speak.” Jenny fashioned a large donut out of snow, one with a hole just big enough to fit around a certain part of Dan’s anatomy.

She placed it back in the bowl and sauntered to the bedroom with a wicked little grin. “So Dan, have you ever…”


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