Blissfully Undone

By: Red Phoenix

Jenny grabbed her luggage and threw it in Dan’s car, her hair whipping crazily from a sudden blast of chilling wind. “So where is Kelly? I thought she was going to help us get the cabin ready.”

Dan smiled uneasily. “Well, you know Kelly. Said she was running late and would meet us up there.”

She snorted in disgust as she got into his car. “I don’t know how you put up with that woman.” Although Kelly was her best friend, Jenny resented how she always seemed to ‘run late’ when work needed to be done.

“So where is Ryan?” Dan asked with a smirk, as he drove them to the discount supermarket.

“Oh, Mr. Workaholic had just one more meeting. So you know what that means…”

“Yep, we get to run all the errands before we head up.”

“And I really hate grocery shopping,” Jenny complained. “I suggest we only buy things we like. Screw those two!”

Dan laughed. “Why not? Let’s go all out.”

Jenny loved the ease she felt around Dan. The four of them were that perfect combination of friends. The couples had met in college three years ago, and still hung out together. Kelly and Dan were nicknamed the Blondies for obvious reasons, and Jenny was part of the Brownhead team. Jenny had some Cherokee blood running in her veins from her dad’s side. It gave her an exotic look with her long, dark hair and soft, brown eyes. Ryan was her perfect match because of his chocolate-brown curls—everyone said so.

Jenny appreciated how rare it was that Kelly’s boyfriend was best friends with her boyfriend. It made trips like this a ton more fun. The four pretty much did everything together, including vacations to Jamaica and Hawaii. This weekend it was Dan’s family cabin up in the mountains.

“I’ve got a suggestion,” Dan said. “Since you and I hate to cook, let’s just buy convenience foods. You know, all that premade crap that Kelly and Ryan hate.”

She chuckled. “Oh, I like the way you think!” she said as she grabbed a shopping cart and headed inside.

The two of them were sinful the way they filled up the cart with chemically enhanced foods. She knew Ryan was going to have a cow, but he deserved it.

Dan threw in some marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers. Jenny patted his shoulder enthusiastically. “Yay! I’ve never had s’mores before.”

“Wow. I didn’t appreciate what a sheltered life you’ve led, Jenny. How else can I corrupt you this weekend?”

She grinned, looking down the row of food. “I’ve never had Vienna sausages.”

“Done.” Dan threw six cans of the little sausages into the cart.

The snow was starting to accumulate on the roads by the time they finished packing their stock of liquor into the car. “Plenty of food and booze, I think we’re set. I sure hope they get on the road soon. It is going to ice up fast,” Jenny fretted.

“Don’t worry. Kelly promised to leave by four. What about Ryan?”

“He’s not leaving the meeting until five. He’ll be driving in the dark by the time he gets there.”

“Maybe you should call him and suggest a quicker exit.”

Jenny called his cell, but Ryan didn’t pick up. She left a message and then another one at his office. “That’s the best I can do. Hope he listens to it in time.”

Dan started his car and grinned at her. “I know Ryan. A blinking light at his desk will drive him crazy. He’ll get your message.”

The drive up proved to be more difficult than they expected. The mountains had at least ten inches of snow and the flakes were still falling with a vengeance. “You want to turn back?” Jenny asked.

“No, we’re almost there. The weathermen said it should be a quick storm. I’m sure it’ll clear up some before they get here.”

They arrived at Dan’s cabin after four. The sky was dark and heavy with snow. It didn’t appear to Jenny that it was stopping anytime soon. “Dan, we better get a fire going first thing. I can just imagine Kelly’s agitated state after driving up. Nothing calms her more than a warm fire.”

He nodded in agreement. “I’ll grab some firewood after we get the supplies in.”