Bond Mates(2)

By: Kirsty Moseley

In front of me I could see a group of 5 extremely gorgeous boys huddled around talking and laughing. I tried unsuccessfully not to look, I mean they were fricking HOT it was impossible not to look! I dragged my eyes away and made my way past frowning at the wolf whistles and comments like "Hey sexy" and "Oh she is hot I am defiantly gonna tap that ass".

As I passed them one of them grabbed my ass, I turned as quick as I could and kneed him straight in the balls, with a groan he dropped to the floor with tears in his eyes, "Keep your dirty fucking pervert hands off me if you wanna keep them!" I shouted at him, "Shit I was only having a laugh"

the guy groaned still clutching his balls "Yeah your right" I said with a sigh, I leant down patted him roughly on the cheek and said "Your face was pretty funny" as I laughed. As I looked up I saw the boy standing behind him staring at me with the most confused look on his face and I swear my world stopped spinning.

He was the most handsome boy I had ever seen in my life, I mean he must be a super model or something, he was my age probably a year older though so I would guess 18, he had beautiful bright blue eyes and chocolaty brown hair that was messy in the 'just got out of bed style' he was about 6

foot tall, I could see his toned muscles trough the black button down shirt he was wearing.

The guys he was with were laughing trying to help up their friend and I snapped back to reality, but the damn beautiful boy was still staring at me, I started to get butterflies in my stomach. No way Tyler stick to the plan no boys, "Like what you see?" I asked him "Why don't you take a fucking picture it will last longer dip shit" I said nastily at him spinning on my heel and storming off towards the main door. I could hear the boys laughing again behind me one of them saying "Oh Sean man you just got BURNED!!!" I smiled to myself thinking ok problem averted keep your head in the game Tyler, NO BOYS!

I already had my schedule and knew where all of my classes were thanks to the tour I took Friday whist registering. So I made my way to my first period, AP English trying not to look at anyone. I took a deep breath and walked into the class with as much confidence as I could. The teacher looked up and smiled at me, a proper genuine smile, wow I haven't had one of those for a while, "Hi you must be Tyler Morgan, I'm Mrs Ward your AP English teacher, here is your text book" Romeo and Juliet, great I've already done this I thought glumly. "Right thanks" I muttered. English was my second favourite subject and I loved to read, now don't get me wrong I love Romeo and Juliet, but I am gonna be so bored considering I've already studied this text in three different schools. Mrs Ward continued to smile at me. "You can sit anywhere that you want, you're a little early the rest of the class should be here in a second"

The rest of the class eventually made it in and sat around the class room glancing at me and continuing to whisper. Mrs Ward had just called the class to order when the door opened again, in stepped the beautiful boy from the car park, my heart stopped then took off in overdrive at the sight of him "Sorry I'm late Mrs Ward I had to speak to coach about practice" he smiled to the teacher, wow even his voice is the sexiest damn thing I have ever heard! "No problem Sean take your seat quickly please" she replied returning his smile. He looked around the almost full class and then his eyes stopped on me and the only empty seat next to me. Taking a deep breath he walked over slapping his friend a five on the way past.

I refused to acknowledge him instead I took off my watch and laid it on the desk facing me and stared at it as this would make hands move faster somehow. I felt someone looking at me, sneaking a glance through my hair I saw that he was staring at me with that confused face again! What the fuck is his problem? I just looked back at my watch willing the second hand to move faster. From the corner of my eye I could see that the boy didn't take his eyes off of me once, Ok shit! What is his problem? He's starting to freak me out! I turned and glared at him with as much hate as I could muster "What the fuck is your problem? Stop staring at me you fucking weirdo!" I whisper yelled at him. "I....I just, I don't know...I" he stuttered before finally tearing his eyes off me. Just then the bell rang and I packed up my stuff and headed out of the door as fast as I could.

Glancing at my schedule I have History next then Calculus then Gym before lunch. Great lets get this friggin day over with I thought as I made my way through the classes. At lunch is just bought a sandwich and ate outside on my own. A few people tried to talk to me being polite but I just nodded and looked uninterested or made a rude or sarcastic comment. I hate acting a bitch, truly I do but I just can't take any more heart ache. After lunch I got confused and went up the wrong stairwell so by the time I actually realised I was in the wrong place I was late getting to my French class.