Bond Mates(3)

By: Kirsty Moseley

Knocking on the door I go in and apologise to a rather harassed looking middle aged balding teacher, "As it is your first day I will let you off with a warning but next time you are late and disrupt my class you will be sent to the head understand?" he said with no compassion whatsoever.

"Take your seat Miss Morgan". looking I notice one empty seat at the end of a bench, with my head down I sat on it without glancing at anyone.

I hate French! So I grab my notepad and pencil out of my bag and start drawing. Art is my favourite thing in the world, drawing gives me so much pleasure that I can actually get lost in my own little world, I am really good at it to even though I have never shown any of my sketches to anyone, not even my mum. Suddenly I feel someone knock my arm "Quick" they mutter, I look up and yep its him again! He's frowning at me and looking at my notepad. "What?" I ask him, but he doesn't reply all he does is reach over and snatch my notebook slapping a sheet of paper in its place. "What the hell are you d..." I start but the teacher is there so I stop talking immediately. Mr Raven picks up the paper the boy put on my desk and looks over it, "Very good Miss Morgan, well done on the translations" he says to me.

What is going on? He looks over to the boy "And yours Mr Houston?" he asks eyebrows raised. I open my mouth to tell him that this is his paper when the boy says "I'm really sorry Mr Raven, I got distracted and didn't do the assignment you asked for" he said, I stared at him in disbelief, why was he lying? "And what may I ask were you distracted with Mr Houston?" the teacher asked icily. "I'm sorry sir I was sketching" he said holding my notebook open for the teacher to see. I was so embarrassed my whole face felt like it was on fire, oh my god he's looking at my drawing! I opened my mouth to say it was mine when the teacher spoke again.

"Detention after school Mr Houston and I expect you to do the assignment and turn it in tomorrow in class and you can put that away now!" he shouted pointing at my book. "Yes sir" the boy replied closing it and stuffing it into his bag. Holy crap, what the hell just happened? I looked at the boy and he smiled at me, and I honestly felt like I had died and gone to heaven, I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life. I flushed again and smiled timidly back muttering a thanks turning away as quick as I could, just then the bell rang and I jumped out of my seat and almost ran for the door.

I ran to the nearest toilet I could find and sat on the toilet seat pulling my knees to my chest and hugging them. What the hell just happened? Why did he do that? My God he is so beautiful I could cry, and that smile, jeez what the hell is wrong with me? NO BOYS! I mentally slapped myself and walked out of the toilet. "Hey, your drawing is really great" I spun around and he was leaning outside the toilet door waiting for me, holding my notebook out to me. I took it and slipped it into my bag frowning, "Why did you do that?" I asked him confused, "Couldn't have you getting detention on your first day could we?" he smiled that heart stopping smile at me. "I'm Sean by the way" he said holding out a hand to me, "What are you like 40, a handshake really?" I laughed, he chuckled "Actually I was just using that as an excuse to touch you" he said a little sheepishly letting his hand drop back to his side. "Well thanks again but I really need to go" I said turning and heading to my Art class. "Hey wait! Aren't you gonna tell me your name?" I heard him shout. I stopped, did I want to tell him my name? This doesn't really fit in well with the whole acting a bitch ignoring people plan. "Its Tyler, Tyler Morgan" I called back and then walked away.

After school finished I walked home and found that my mom wasn't in, assuming that she had gone to find the nearest open bar I made myself some cheese and crackers and headed to my room to do my homework. After it was done mom still wasn't home so I laid on my bed listening to my ipod I just couldn't stop myself thinking about Sean as I drifted off to sleep.



I woke early as usual and went for my morning run, after running flat out for about an hour I decided to call it a day and head home for a shower, wiping the sweat from my face and neck as I walked through the house. I spotted my mum in the kitchen and kissed her on the cheek "Mornin'

mom" "Hey honey, I made your breakfast, it's on the counter" she said pointing, looking over I see a huge pile of bacon and eggs, kissing her again I took the plate to my room shovelling the food in my mouth on the way.