Bond Mates(4)

By: Kirsty Moseley

Once I got to school I found my friends standing around as usual waiting for me in the car park.

"Hey guys" I called getting out of my jeep. "Hey Sean man, good weekend?" Will asked me "Yeah dude was good, I went to the lake with my family, it was cool, my little sister had a blast" I said with a smile. "Its too bad you didn't come to Carley's party man it was bangin', the cops came in and broke up the party at like 2am though, we all had to run out the back, it was hilarious. I was so wasted that I left my car there and only remembered where I parked it last night, I had to haul my ass all the way over there to get it!" he said laughing.

We were all laughing at Will's latest drunken stupidity when all of a sudden I started to feel strange.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up, my heart started to speed up and I could feel a tingle spread through my whole body starting in my chest working its way outwards, my hands were sweating, Shit, what the hell? Just then a new girl walked round the corner into my view. "Hey sexy" Matt shouted to her, she ignored him and carried on walking towards us, "Oh she is hot I am defiantly gonna tap that ass" Blake said winking at me.

Just as she reached us Rich grabbed her ass, my blood started to boil, I had never been so angry in my life, I took a step forward a growl in the back of my throat and was literally about to grab my best friends arm and rip it off for touching her when she spun round and kneed him straight in the balls. As he dropped to the floor she shouted something in his face, but I couldn't hear anything, I could see her mouth move and I could tell that she was furious with him, but I just couldn't concentrate on anything other than her face. She was stunningly beautiful, the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life. Her light brown hair was blowing slightly in the wind and I could smell her scent, it was like nothing I had ever smelt before in my life and I knew I would recognise that scent anywhere now.

Every fibre of my body was screaming for me to grab her and hold her, I barely managed to control the urge and stay in place, she was mine this girl and my body was desperate for her. What the hell is going on? Why do I feel like this, she's not like me! That was for definite, this girl was delicate and breakable even though she was trying to put off the image of exactly the opposite. I couldn't take my eye's off of her. Just then she looked up at me and I caught sight of her eyes, they were the most beautiful emerald green with flecks of hazel in, they were wide as she looked at me, her kissable mouth slightly open, then she said something to me turned around and stormed off into the school. What the hell? She spoke to me and I don't even know what she said! I turned to look at Will and he punched me hard on the shoulder "Oh Sean man your just got BURNED" he was laughing so hard he was almost crying.

"What man? What did she say?" I asked desperately, he just laughed harder and all the guys walked off towards the building helping a moaning Rich. "Guys, I'll meet you later I need to speak to coach before class" I called jogging off. I stopped once I was out of sight and rested my head on a tree trying to clear it. Think Sean think, this can't be right. No way, it's something else, she can't be the one, she can't be. She's a human! No it's defiantly something else Sean your being stupid I stood there for a few minuets trying to calm myself taking deep breaths then I walked slowly to AP


Crap the bell had already gone so I had to walk into the already closed classroom. "Sorry I'm late Mrs Ward I had to speak to coach about practice" I said giving her a forced smile "No problem Sean take your seat quickly please" she said trying to get on with her class. I looked round and spotted an empty seat but oh shit it was next to her! She wasn't looking at me so I made my way to the seat next to her slapping Blake a high five on the way past. Act natural, everything is fine I told myself I took a deep breath as I sat down and took in a lung full of her scent.

The smell sent shocks through my whole body making me grow instantly hard, I gripped the table to keep myself in my seat as waves of desire crashed over me. Ignoring my arousal I pulled my notes and book from my bag, listened so I could find the right page they were discussing then turned to look at her again. Oh man she is beautiful, I couldn't take my eyes off of her, memorising every detail of her, the little freckle on her neck, her delicate fingers, how her hair that rested on her shoulder moved when she took a breath. Every thing about this girl was perfect, and I wanted to touch her, to push her hair back over her shoulder so I could get a better look at her face. I wanted to touch her cheek and pull her face round to look at me so I could look into her emerald green eyes again.