Breaking The Biker (The Biker Series)

By: Cassie Alexandra

 An MC Gold Vipers Motorcycle Club Biker Romance Novel


“Is that him?”

Cole smashed his cigarette out in the ashtray of the van. “Yeah.”

I stared at the gray-haired man in the Gold Viper’s cut, hating him with every fiber of my being. He was getting onto his chopper behind Griffin’s, the strip-joint he apparently owned. “Don’t you dare fucking lose him.”

He frowned. “Relax, Raina. I’m not going to lose him.”

I pulled the revolver out of the glove-compartment and checked the chamber, making sure it was still loaded. It was supposed to be untraceable. Early this morning, my brother, Cole, had given it to me, although not so willingly, and I wanted to make sure that he hadn’t removed the bullets. He thought I was making a mistake, and hell… maybe I was. But I didn’t care. Now that my baby boy was gone, all I wanted was to destroy the man responsible for his death. Slammer, the club president of the Gold Vipers. He’d ordered the drive-by that had killed my two-year-old son and there was no way in hell I was going to let him live to gloat about it.

“I still think you should let the club handle this,” repeated Cole as we followed Slammer’s motorcycle out of the parking lot at a safe distance. “Killing him without their approval isn’t going to get me patched anytime soon.”

I stared at him in disbelief.

Billy was dead and he was worried about getting patched?

“Do you honestly think that I care about pissing off your club? As far as I’m concerned, both the Gold Vipers and the Devil’s Rangers can burn in hell. That also goes for your dumbass girlfriend, Patty.”

Cole didn’t say anything. I knew that in his own way, he was struggling with the fact that his nephew was dead, too. He’d loved Billy and had even admitted to feeling partly responsible. Cole was currently a prospect for the Devil’s Rangers, and it had been his girlfriend who’d shown up with my son, uninvited, to a club bash, when she was supposed to be giving him a bath and tucking him into bed. Instead, she’d dragged him to the party just to check up on Cole and make sure he wasn’t cheating. Her jealous insecurities had contributed to my son’s death, as well as to her own injuries, since she’d taken a bullet to the shoulder. But unlike my two-year-old son, fate had shown mercy on her that day. Now it was taking everything I had not to revoke that decision and kill the stupid bitch myself.

“So what, you want to kill Patty, too?”

“It’s certainly been running through my mind,” I muttered angrily. “I really can’t believe you’d get involved with someone so fucking dense. And what in the hell was I thinking by allowing her to watch him?”

“I know. She’s a head-case.”


“It’s over between us.”

“I hope so, because if I ever see her again, I’ll kick her ass all the way back to the hospital.”

“I wouldn’t blame you,” he said, flicking his cigarette ash.

I went on. “She had no right bringing Billy to any party. If she would have stayed at my place, like I was paying her to do,” my voice broke, “my baby would be alive right now.”

His eyes softened. “I know. It was a fucked up move; I’m sure she’ll regret it for the rest of her life.”

It was too early for me to feel sorry for anyone else. Especially Patty. She was twenty-two. She knew better than to bring a child to a beer bash, no matter what the reason was. “Good. Maybe it will save someone else’s life.”

“Maybe.” Cole let out a ragged sigh. “Look, I know everything seems hopeless right now, but I want you to remember that you’re not alone, Raina. You still have me,” he said, reaching over to squeeze my hand. “And Uncle Sal. Don’t you ever forget that.”

Nodding, I looked out the passenger window, to try and pull myself together. At that moment, all I really wanted to do was lie in Billy’s bed, and curl up with his pillow, which still smelled like him. I wanted to imagine that I was holding him in my arms as he stared up at me with those big brown eyes.

I wuv you, mommy…

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