Call Me Daddy(88)

By: Jade West

She’s Laine again, and I’m Nick, and she has a hand idling loosely on the bed as she stares up the ceiling.

“Yellow,” she tells me. “Like sunlight. That’s what colour we’re going to paint this room.”

“Whatever Mummy wants,” I laugh, and she laughs right back at me.

“That’s gonna take some getting used to.”

It sure is.

At least we have at least nine months’ head start to get in the groove.


As always, so many people to thank.

My incredible editor, John Hudspith, who really pulled out all the stops on this, as always. Johnny, for real, this was an amazing ride. I couldn’t do this without you.

Letitia Hasser, for the insanely awesome cover. RBA Designs, everyone. Such talent!

Tracy Smith Comerford, for being my constant sounding board and working like a trooper.

Michelle McGinty and Lesley Edwards, for your support as always.

Louise Ramsay, your beta feedback is always so insightful.

My dirty girls and boys, I love you all, and the group makes me smile so hard.

To all the amazing authors I’m lucky enough to call my friends, and all the bloggers and readers who so tirelessly support me. You are all amazing. I’m both grateful and honoured.

My friends, who put up will all my incessant book talk and crazy sleep schedule. Maria, Lisa, Dom, Hanni, Kate, Marie, Tom, Jo, James, Siobhan… some of you so near and some of you so far… I love you all.

My family. Mum, Dad, Brad, Nan, Julie, Jenny, and of course, Jon. You are everything.

To anyone I’ve missed, I’m sorry. I’ve had about four hours sleep this week and my brain is fried.

A huge, huge thanks to my author buddies, Isabella Starling and Demi Donovan, who deserve a mention all of their own.

These ladies, wow. I’ve been lucky enough to have them here for a week of writing, and they have absolutely rocked my world.

I’ve laughed so much my nose literally bled, and I haven’t had a nosebleed since I was a kid.

Yeah, it was intense. And fun. So much fun.

We’ve talked, we’ve written, we’ve barely slept, and I’m honoured to have had such incredible company while sprinting to the finish line of this novel.

It was quite a sprint.

And this was quite a week.

I can’t wait to do it again. <3

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