Catch Me, Cowboy(66)

By: Jeannie Watt

Ty heard the spoon rattle in the sugar bowl as Shelby fixed the tea, and waited for the question that came almost every time he and Shelby managed to make it home for a few days between rodeos. When was he going to make an honest woman of Shelby?

“So,” Les said gruffly. “When—”


Les’s eyes bugged a little. “You aren’t kidding an old man.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” He made a gesture rather than finish his sentence as Shelby came in carrying the tea.

She stopped dead when she saw the expression on Les’s face. “You told him.”

“He asked.”

Shelby set down the tea mugs. “Are you okay with this?” she asked her grandfather. “I know we’ve only been seriously together for a short time—”

“You’ve been together a lot longer than that,” Les muttered gruffly. “And yeah. I’m okay with this.”

“Will you come to Vegas with us for the wedding?” Shelby settled once again on the arm of Ty’s chair.


“We’re getting married just before the National Finals,” Ty said. “That way, no matter what happens there, I’m a winner.” Even if he got injured before the season was over and wasn’t able to qualify, he’d be a winner.

A slow smile built on Les’s lined face. “Yeah. Good thinking.” He frowned suddenly. “Won’t be an Elvis wedding, will it? Because I don’t know if I can give my granddaughter away at an Elvis wedding.”

“Low-key cowboy wedding. Buck asked about filming it, but we said no. He can get some footage afterward. And Shelby’s agreed to do some talking on camera about life the road.” As well as facing fears.

As the months had passed, her anxiety had subsided—to the point she was now analyzing Ty’s rides with him. Buck, being the student of human nature he was, had watched her transformation and now wanted her interview as part of his documentary. It seemed like the least they could do for the guy who’d hired Ty to cover the Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming rodeo circuits for Rough Stock World after his official retirement in December.

Once his season was over, Shelby would take up training again at the Forty-Six and when Ty wasn’t covering the rodeos, he’d work the ranch. They wouldn’t get rich, but that had never been his goal. All he’d ever wanted was a life with no regrets. He settled his hand on Shelby’s thigh.

There was just that one small thing…

“Are you sure you want to buy that gelding? They want too much money.”

She gave him a look. “Evarado and I understand one another. This is the perfect solution for everyone. Paul can pretend I fell in love with him and couldn’t let him go, and he can use the money to buy Blake a pretty horse that she can handle. I found one today that might be perfect for her.”

“Stubborn woman.”

She clinked her tea mug against his. “Stubborn man.” She leaned in to kiss him lightly. “Thank goodness.”

The End

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