Cherry Hill 2-Finding Happiness(43)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

“What in God’s name are you doing down here?” Flex reprimanded and hurried to her. He guided her to the table and a chair.

“I’m joining my men for lunch down here,” she said.

“You could have fallen down the stairs, gotten dizzy, or hurt yourself,” Manderine reprimanded her.

“You should have called us,” Hill said.

“You would have said no,” she said.

“Damn straight,” Aldreck said, and they all stared at her. Flex was breathing through his nostrils as she took his hand and placed it against her cheek and looked toward the window.

“Looks like a beautiful fall day. Maybe we can sit outside on that swing you have?” she asked and moved Flex’s hand toward her lips. She kissed his knuckles.

He lowered down to squat next to her, placed on hand on her cheek while she held the other one. “I don’t want you pushing yourself. You need rest, and lots of time to heal. When I see you in pain, I feel pain.”

She nodded. “That’s why I need to push myself a little bit more. So I can get through this, and make you all smile again, not frown, huff and puff, and snap at one another. We’re a family. I love you, and I need your help to get through this and you need mine to get through this. We’re alive, Flex. He didn’t win, we did. So what do you say? A little lunch and then some fresh air?” She held his gaze.

His blues eyes that used to tell so little, that once were guarded, showed emotion and love in them. “Whatever will make you happy, make you feel no pain at all.”

“Hmmm.” She slid her hand along his thigh and stroked him. “Making love to my men would make me happy.”

“Not happening until you can handle it physically,” Manderine said firmly.

She continued to stroke Flex as she looked at Manderine, Aldreck, and Hill. “My mouth works, and your mouths work. Perhaps we could improvise? Maybe come up with something?” she asked and then looked at Flex, leaned forward, and kissed him.

“I could use a little tasty snack after lunch,” Hill said.

“I think we can come up with something,” Aldreck added.

She released Flex’s lips and cupped his cheek.

“I had a feeling my soldiers could come up with something to help me feel better. Maybe we could start with dessert right now?” she asked.

“Goddamn, baby, you don’t need to beg, or ask me twice. Lunch is on hold,” Flex said and gently lifted her up into his arms and carried her out of the kitchen and back to bed.

She snuggled close, closed her eyes, and inhaled his cologne. She never knew what happiness was until now. Until her four men gathered around her on the bed, slowly removed her clothing, and began to caress, suckle, lick, and kiss her everywhere their mouths could reach. That happiness, that powerful connection, protective shield surrounded her, which only they could provide. She was finally home. Finally found what had been missing all her life, a happiness she thought she could never feel, and all because of these four men, and because she took a chance on coming to Cherry Hill.


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