Cherry Hill 3: Starting Over(4)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

* * * *

Rhett Perkins walked down the street from town hall and spotted the classic blue Mustang sitting outside of Layla’s boutique. It was a beauty, and it reminded him of one of his buddy’s, Jessy, who he served in the military with. Then came the sad memories of his death.

He couldn’t believe his train of thought. It had been many years since he was forced to retire from the service after being shot and injured. Deemed unusable by the military because his body wasn’t a hundred percent. That was a good ten years ago, and he’d come a long way. Somehow got roped into following his father’s footsteps and got elected town mayor. It wasn’t so bad, but he ran things his way, and with a sheriff like Kane McCabe, it made things easy. People didn’t mind the military-style ways they ran the town or the numerous boards he oversaw. It kept him busy the last few years and kept his mind off the bad memories and the heartache he felt.

Now he and his brothers’ focus was on Everett, who had been working and living in Dallas until he got shot and was nearly killed. He now did physical therapy in Central Valley. It had only been about six months ago. He shook his head at the thought as he walked into the boutique to say hello to the ladies. As he entered, he caught sight of them by the register along with someone else. The woman had long onyx hair that reached her midback and a perfectly round ass in super tight jeans that looked painted on. As the three women turned, he felt like he got struck in the chest. Holy shit, who in God’s name is that?

He gazed over her body, full large breasts in a baggy V-neck navy-blue top, and eyes that were unique and stunning and brought out by the blue shirt and the black hair.

“Rhett, what great timing,” his mom said and greeted him with a hug hello.

He hugged his mom back, but his eyes never left the woman with the amazing blue eyes. She was gorgeous, stunning. He felt his heart racing, and holy shit, she was young, and he was forty—he wouldn’t have a chance in hell. What the fuck was he thinking? His mind was a whirlwind, and he got his attitude and guard up. “And this is?” he asked, all official-like.

“Layla’s daughter, Adalee, from New York. She’s moving here,” his mom told him, and he was shocked by his inner reaction.

Moving here? Holy Jesus.

He reached his hand out for her to shake, and they both seemed to stare into one another’s eyes. She was a good bit shorter than him, but she had to be about five feet five.

“Welcome to Cherry Hill, Adalee.”

“Thank you,” she said, and when their hands touched, those inner sensations jumped up another notch.

He was surprised by his reaction. He didn’t date and definitely didn’t fool around in this town. He and his brothers were all at weird states of their lives, forced to make time to hang out together and help Everett get through things. Why he thought of his brothers while he met Adalee, he didn’t want to analyze. Instead, he wanted information.

“Wait a minute, the pictures on the wall,” he said and walked closer to where the register was and the wall behind it. Layla had a picture of her and her daughter, but it was several years old. Her daughter still looked pretty in the picture, but this woman here appeared worldly.

“Yes, those were from several years ago. It’s been a while since we were able to take a new picture together, but we’ll make up for that, won’t we, Adalee?” her mom asked her and Adalee smiled.

“We sure will.”

“So have you seen the town? Have any questions?” he asked her.

“Oh, this is perfect, Adalee was going to walk around a bit until Layla can bring her up to the house. She just got here a little while ago. She’s been driving for hours,” his mom said.

“Hours, all alone?” he asked, squinting, and she eyed him like he was crazy.

“Adalee is new in town, Rhett. She’ll be just fine,” his mom said.

“Hmm, well, I’m sure you’ll go over the rules with her, Layla,” he said to her mom.

“Rules?” Adalee asked.

“Don’t worry, Adalee, we will, and it’s all good stuff. Rules to keep the people in town safe,” Layla said.

Adalee placed her hands on her hips, causing her big breasts to lift, and for more deep cleavage to show. She sure was well endowed and was so stunning he couldn’t pull his eyes from hers.

“Yeah, can’t wait for more surprises,” she said, sounding sarcastic. His mom and hers chuckled.

He narrowed his eyes at Adalee and was shocked at the defiance he saw in her eyes, and that New York accent to boot. Before he could say a word, his mom intervened.

“Yes, well, Adalee is quite independent coming from New York and all. She was going to take a walk through town now,” his mom said.

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