Cherry Hill 3: Starting Over(43)

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

They continued to care for her, kiss her skin, and enjoy the day together. Adalee finally felt content and happy, and she would do whatever was necessary to ensure these sensations never went away. She smiled and squeezed Everett tight.

“I’ve never made love in a pool before. Want to show me how it’s done?” she asked.

“I thought you wanted to rest,” Jeb teased.

She looked at them and their sexy bodies. “How the hell can I rest, when my men look like you guys?”

They smiled wide, something that they seemed to only do around her, and it just made her love them even more.

“I’m in,” Coda said and reached for her and carried her to the pool with her holding onto his shoulders and kissing his neck, smiling so much it ached.

“It doesn’t get any better than this,” she said.

“Just you wait,” he promised and then brought her into the cool water and a whole other round of lovemaking.


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