Christmas Daddy(4)

By: Jade West

And my fucking dick kept on throbbing like a piece of needy shit.

The application windows on her screen were flashing with a life of their own, unresponsive to commands as I slammed my thumb down on the mouse pad.

“It was working fine at my desk,” she continued. “It was totally fine…”

“It’s not fine now.”

The whole table fidgeted as I tried to bring her machine to order, but the sonofabitch blue screened on me before I could even pull up the task manager.

“I’m sorry,” she said again and I managed a nod.

I buzzed through to Richard in the IT team and told him to come and collect the sack of crap machine, and then I shunted my own laptop across the table at her.

“It’s on the network,” I told her. “Pull up your documents from the group directory.”

She nodded a thanks, taking a sharp little breath as her shaky fingers clicked through to the work she needed.

And I watched her. I watched her so intently I’m sure it burned, and in those moments I took her in.

All of her.

Every tiny detail.

Her blonde hair was pulled up in a loose bun, one stray strand curling down onto her shoulder. Her cheeks were still pink and highlighted the smattering of freckles over her nose, and her mouth was closed tight as she battled with the hardware.

She was beautiful.

Beautiful in an understated way… at contrast with the more preened girls in the office.

Kristina had red lipstick and eyelashes so long they were blatantly false. Dawn from accounts was touting yet a new shade of red hair dye, and Sally from the stock team always looked as though she was ready for a night out, not a long day in the office.

But Jenny was… different.

Finally, she stopped with the tapping.

She risked a smile and cleared her throat, and when her words finally came they were ordered and confident. She competently ran through the delivery schedule and addressed my concerns from the last meeting about emergency couriers over the holiday season. She told me the updated deadlines for Christmas cut off as per her conversations with the depot that morning.

She was good.

Poised and professional and fully worthy of the thanks I gave her when she’d done with my questions.

Her smile in response to my gratitude was anything but poised, and it hit me with a pang of something I couldn’t quite identify. Something… warm. Gooey and tender and quite fucking ridiculous.

She was still beaming as she slid my laptop back across to me. She couldn’t hold back the grin as I moved the discussion along to the loyalty sales I was planning on running in the new year.

I felt it all the way through my presentation. Burning. Tickling.

I tried to envisage her mother all those years ago, sitting at the desk opposite mine in my History class. I hadn’t seen the woman in years, but on meeting Jenny I’d seen little family resemblance, even through a hazy memory.

Her mother had been a lively one, I remembered that much. She’d hooked up with my friend, Evan, and they’d been a thing right the way through senior year.

I’d only heard about her pregnancy at seventeen on the grapevine. They’d long split up by then. She’d had a few splits after him so the rumours said, but I’d never given much of a mind for gossip.

I’d like to have claimed that Jenny’s arrival in my company was a longshot coincidence and little more, but I’d have been lying.

Carolyn Morris, Jenny’s mother, had added me on social media just over twelve months previous, along with several other of our classmates. I’d accepted without a second thought, barely scanning her profile until she’d posted a picture of her daughter a few weeks later.

It was a proud picture of Jenny at Bodmin university, about to enter her final exams… and I’d paused.


And then I’d clicked for more.

Three knocks on the meeting room door and Richard from IT stepped inside.

Jenny’s eyes opened wide as saucers as I handed him her laptop straight from the table.

“Sort this out,” I grunted. “Take the documents and email history from it before you do anything risky. Don’t lose anything.”

He raised an eyebrow like I was stating the fucking obvious and took it away without another word. IT guys get my hackles up with their tech guru swagger, but with him I let it slide.

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