Christmas Daddy(40)

By: Jade West

“Quiet,” he whispered as he hitched me up against the racking. “I’ve been thinking about this since Christmas Eve. You painted quite a picture in your story.”

I shook my head. “I didn’t mean… not really… the noise…”

The pens rattled as he pinned me hard, just to illustrate.

“Have you any idea how painful it was to wait for an all staff meeting I could ditch halfway through?” he asked, and the devilment in his eyes gave me shivers.

“They’ll hear,” I protested, but his fingers were already hitching up my pencil skirt.

“So, let them hear,” he grunted, and I couldn’t fight the way his thigh felt against my clit as he pinned me tight.

I tried to hold back my whimpers as he rubbed hard on target, biting my lip when he broke the contact enough to flip me over.

My tits pressed into the shelving, legs unsteady on silly office glamour heels as he eased my thighs apart. The tear of fabric sounded loud in the room as he ripped my knickers clean off at the hip, and my pussy was wet and waiting as he sank two fingers straight in.

I was getting better at this stuff.

“Your cunt betrays your protests,” he growled into my ear.

I heard the rustle of his suit trousers as he freed himself. I murmured expletives as the head of his dick pressed to my pussy lips.

The racking thumped as he thrust all the way in. I couldn’t stop a groan as he bottomed out deep.

“Fuck, yes,” I hissed. “Fuck me, Mr Hart, sir. Please just fucking fuck me.”

“My pleasure, sweetheart,” he said.

He wrapped my hair around his fingers and tugged tight, bouncing me against the racking as he fucked me hard enough to take my breath. His palm ground against my tingling tits, teasing my nipples through my blouse as I rocked back to meet his thrusts.

I was already halfway there when his thumb brushed my clit and set me on fire. The pens were rattling and the shelves were thumping and I didn’t give a fuck that the meeting was going on in the room next door.

I didn’t give a fuck for anything but my gorgeous CEO’s dick and the way it took my pussy hostage in its quest to consume me whole.

“You’ll need discipline for this later, naughty girl,” he hissed. “Distracting me with your dirty office fantasies. We should be in the meeting room right now.”

“I’ll take the punishment gladly,” I hissed right back. “This is worth being a crappy employee for.”

And it was.

It fucking was.

He clamped a hand over my mouth as the orgasm ripped through me, stifling his own grunts in my hair as he followed me over the edge.

And then we laughed. Breathless and ragged and euphoric as his dick twitched inside me.

“Your meeting calendar doesn’t quite pair up with my ovulation calendar,” I whispered in the aftermath. “We’re in the danger zone today.”

He kissed my cheek and I could feel his smile. “My bad, sweetheart. You might be juggling suburban mummy bliss with corporate excellence well before you were anticipating if I keep making these fuck-ups quite so often.”

It was his bad.

Always his bad.

And we were destined for disaster sooner rather than later, but I didn’t care about that either.

I’d had plenty of opportunity to deflect the risks during the previous months, yet never seemed to find the desire to implement any actual contraceptive method.

“Mid-march,” I commented as he smoothed down my pencil skirt. “If I catch now it’ll be mid-December when I’m giving birth to little Hart junior.”

He nodded at my reasoning as he put his dick back in his pants.

“Mid-December, yes.”

How the grin lit up my face.

“You really would be a Christmas daddy next time round,” I said.

He was grinning even brighter than me as he took his dick straight back out again.

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