Christmas Honey (Sweet & Dirty BBW #5.5)

By: Cathryn Cade

Book 1 in the Sweet&Dirty BBW Romance Series.


Lindi has a big surprise for her biker man this Christmas. But will Jack want her precious gift… or is he busy rekindling an old flame?

This will be the best Christmas of Lindi Carson’s life. She and her dream man, biker Jack Moran, are growing their businesses together. She has Jack’s ring on her finger, and a precious secret she can’t wait to share with him.

But when a seductive beauty from Jack’s past blows into town, Lindi’s plans for a private celebration are ruined.

Will this Christmas be sweet as honey… or will the couple feel love’s sting?


Lindi Carson stared at the small, white plastic tube in her left hand. Two pink stripes stared back at her from a small window.


As she struggled to process the news, time slowed to a crawl. Details leaped out at her—the big diamond winking on her left hand, the smell of herbal soap from the dispenser nearby, the drip of water in the sinks. Her two best friends’ gasps as they leaned in to see the results of the test she’d just taken.

“Oh, my God!” Kit squealed. The curvaceous redhead threw her arms around Lindi and jumped up and down, joggling Lindi like a bobble-head doll on the rear-view mirror of a vehicle on a bumpy road. Unfortunately, Lindi’s stomach did not share her friend’s enthusiasm. Her lunch threatened to come back up, and she felt dizzy all over again.

“Kit!” the statuesque blonde on Lindi’s other side said sharply. “Stop, you’re going to make her puke. She nearly passed out in the checkout line, in case you already forgot.”

“Oh, sorry!” Kit leaned in to smack a warm kiss on Lindi’s cheek, then let her go. “But it’s so exciting! You’re gonna be a mama, Lindi-Lou. And me and Sara will be aunties. Good thing Sara thought to buy the pee test strip.”

Sara gave Lindi a careful hug. “I knew it,” she said wisely. “That’s how my brother and his wife found out they were expecting—she got up from their sofa and passed right out. Luckily he caught her before she could hit her head on the coffee table.”

“Shyeah,” Kit put in. “Lindi, I thought you were gonna take a dive right into the Christmas candy. Good thing I caught you. And good thing we already paid, or we’d have to abandon all this shit we spent an hour picking out.”

Their loaded cart was parked just behind them, as the store had made their bathrooms large enough for customers and their shopping.

Sara peered into Lindi’s face. “D’you want to sit down for a bit? You’re still white as a sheet.”

“Okay,” Lindi mumbled, because her head felt light as that bobble-head. Like she needed to find a solid place to sit and hold on, or she’d tip over and roll away, bouncing off obstacles until she came to rest in a corner somewhere, or got run over by the other shoppers thronging the FG Meyer grocery and dry-goods store.

And to think, just a short time ago she herself had nothing on her mind but the upcoming holiday festivities, both at her and Jack’s new home by the lake, and his new supper club.

“We’ll go to Starbucks,” Sara decided. “It’s upfront by the main doors. You can sit down and sip on a coffee.”

“Not coffee,” Kit protested, leading the way from the bathroom. “She can’t have caffeine.”

“Decaf then, or cocoa,” Sara said. And since she was now the first Old Lady of the local chapter of the Devil’s Flyers MC, and also the oldest of their trio, Kit quit arguing.

They dodged other loaded carts and threaded their way past stands of poinsettias and holiday centerpieces. Lindi sank into a chair and gazed unseeingly at the Starbucks’ baristas, clad in green Santa hats and tees, like cute elves.

Pregnant. She placed her hand on her belly, clad now in skinny jeans, a red sweater and her cute fitted caramel jacket that matched her knee-high boots. Even now, inside her, cells were dividing at an unfathomable rate, forming a tiny person. Which meant that in a few months, none of these clothes would fit her.

But that was nothing compared to this news, this miracle. She was carrying Jack’s baby. Her big, tough biker man had planted his seed inside her, and she was going to grow it until they had a child of their own.