Christmas in the Billionaire's Bed(41)

By: Janice Maynard

                Her smile was radiant, warming him even as the chill of night swirled around him. “You’re the best Christmas present I’ve ever received. I love you, too, Aidan. My apartment is close. What if we go there and I show you exactly how much?”

                He shuddered, already imagining the feel of her body pressed against his. “Hold that thought, my little tease. There’s one thing we have to do first.”

                Her eyes widened in comprehension. “Of course...”

                * * *

                The Silver Beeches Lodge was booked to capacity. Aidan held Emma’s hand as they walked up the steps. As the doorman welcomed then into the lobby, Emma hung back.

                “I’m nervous,” she whispered.

                “Why, my love? You’ve already met everyone.”

                “But it’s Christmas. And I’m the reason you almost missed it.”

                “You’re also the reason I came back.”

                Emma’s brow furrowed as they headed back toward the small dining room that had been set aside for the Kavanagh celebration. “I forgot to ask. Did you have some kind of epiphany about us?”

                He stood in the doorway, his arm around her waist and surveyed his loud, wonderful family before they had a chance to notice him. The remnants of dinner littered the large table. In the far corner, a mountain of brightly wrapped gifts waited to be opened.

                Pressing a kiss to the top of Emma’s head, Aidan paused to savor the incredible feeling of happiness and joy that swept over him. “Let’s just say that I did the math, and I realized if we start right now, we can still make it to our fiftieth wedding anniversary.”

                Emma leaned into him, the woman he’d always loved and needed. “Merry Christmas, Aidan,” she said.

                “Merry Christmas, my English rose...”

                * * * * *

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