Closer:A Billionaire Romance Novel(110)

By: Aria Hawthorne

She felt his phone vibrate beneath her as a text message arrived. “Sounds like someone really wants you to think otherwise.” She slipped her hand into his pocket, withdrew his phone, and tapped the screen, investigating his messages. “One voice mail. One text,” she said. “Both from a…Phillip Spears.”

Sven shifted his chin over her shoulder and peered at the screen. Clearly, she had piqued his interest.

“Who’s Phillip Spears?” she asked.

“Watercross’ main competition. You met him at the Modern Architecture Society banquet.”

“Ahh, right,” she sighed, suddenly remembering. “See…? Ruined or not, you’re still a very important architect. And I doubt a life of baby gym—day in and day out—is going to suit you very well.”

“It suits me just fine,” he insisted, his eyes scanning the text. “Although he is offering me a curious proposition. He’s heard about my resignation from the Li Long Towers.”

“Wow, news travels fast.”

“And he wants me to be the principal architect on his project—the redevelopment of the Old Main Post Office.”

“Does that mean you’re officially employed again?”

“I don’t know. He wants to have a meeting with me tomorrow. He’s offering ten percent equity ownership of the project.”

“Hmm…well, how much is the project worth?”

“Three hundred and fifty million dollars.”

Inez let out an incredulous laugh. “Lose your entire billionaire soul in one deal. Gain it back in another deal. Sounds like the old Sven van der Meer.”

“As long as it’s the one you’re still in love with.” He took Luna from her hands and snuggled her in his arms.

Inez ran her fingernails through his hair and considered all her options. “Well, that depends on if I still have to pretend to be your fake fiancée or not.”

“I’d rather you just pretend to be my real one.” He nudged her for a kiss. Daring to trust him, she closed her eyes, responding to the urgency and passion of his tongue entwining with her own. He pulled her carefully into his embrace, keeping her from popping or drifting away like all the twinkling floating bubbles, fragile in their journey through the unpredictable future.

“And you do realize,” she added, tearing herself away to catch her breath, “that you’ve also committed yourself to baby gym every day to prevent you from turning back into a selfish and egotistical billionaire.”

“Good.” He nodded. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”