By: Sam Crescent

Chapter One

Duke Bana, president of the Trojans MC, watched as Holly Crock leaned over the table serving his son. She leaned over just enough for him to get a good view of her large tits. Unlike the sweet-butts who belonged to the club, Holly’s rack was natural. Holly was no sweet-butt either. The whole of the club was gathered outside of the clubhouse to celebrate the Fourth of July. The old ladies had all cooked; the sweet-butts were on their best behavior, and they were all surrounded by their kids. His son, Matthew, was fourteen years old, and a little terror when he wanted to be, just like his old man. Glancing across the garden he saw Matthew’s mother, his ex-wife, flirting outrageously with Pike, his vice president. From the look on Pike’s face, he was embarrassed and irritated by the woman. Julie didn’t have a clue that the club was disgusted by her. She fucked anything that would have her. Duke couldn’t believe he’d married the bitch or fucked her, but then he looked at his son, and knew he’d not change a thing. He loved his little boy, who wasn’t really little anymore. Matthew was growing up too fast. It wouldn’t be long before he was prospecting for a place in the club.

Trojans MC was a hard-assed biker group. Duke had earned his place as president after Holly’s father, Russ, had stepped down. He’d fought the men who demanded he prove himself, fucked the women they lined up for him, earning their respect and trust throughout the years he’d been part of the club. The Trojans was in his blood. Duke loved the club, the men, the whole life. He wouldn’t change anything, but he would change Holly Crook’s blatant disregard for him.

Grabbing his beer, he watched her as she moved down the line of kids, serving them each vegetables. She’d been one of those kids once. He remembered her growing up, spending a great deal of time at the club with Russ. She was close to her family and rarely went a week without visiting them, whether that be at the club or her parents’ house. Duke had been at their home when she did visit. She never tried to pull him into small talk. In fact, she went out of her way to avoid him. Holly had gotten under his skin without even fucking trying.

She was twenty-one years old, way too young for him when he was thirty-nine. He shouldn’t be interested in her, yet he couldn’t stop watching her. Whenever she was in the room he perked up and not just his dick. She had long blonde hair. He spent too much time wondering what the silk strands would feel like wrapped around his fist as he plowed into her from behind. Duke loved his sex hot and dirty. Something in his gut told him Holly could be brought around to his way of having sex. When she did finally look at him, she had the brightest blue eyes he’d ever seen. They never gave anything away and could be mistaken for the dead cold of Antarctica. Holly didn’t give anything of herself away. Duke had to work to get even a hello from her.

Her figure wasn’t slender either. Holly had a nice big ass, large tits, and thighs that were thick, and big enough for man to hold onto. She was a full woman, completely the opposite of half of the sweet-butts. Julie, his ex-wife, was a slender woman with tits he’d bought as a present to himself. He had hated fucking Julie. She was so small and slender there were times he truly believed he’d been fucking a man. The tits were a gift just so he could get his rocks off.

“You’ve got to sort your bitch out. She really thinks she’s something special,” Pike said, taking a seat. “Also, if Russ sees your tongue hanging out for Holly, he’ll kick your ass. He may not be president anymore, but no one touches his daughter.”

Raoul, one of the other club brothers, had touched her. After he’d taken her virginity on prom night, Raoul had come back to the clubhouse to brag about his conquest. Out of all of the brothers, Raoul was the youngest at twenty-five years old. None of the brothers had appreciated his complete disrespect of Holly. They all took it in turns to teach him some respect, Russ included. Holly hadn’t come around the club for a long while afterward and would always make excuses not to attend any club events. But Russ had talked to her, and she’d slowly started making an appearance once again. Duke had missed her, which made him realize how much he’d enjoyed merely seeing her. He never got anything else out of her.

Her presence had been missed, by him and also by the whole of the club.

Turning to look at Pike, Duke smiled. “I’m president now. It would be an honor for her to be my woman.”

Pike spat his beer out laughing. They gained some attention from the brothers. Seeing Duke wasn’t interested in any of them joining, none of the brothers made their way toward them.

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