Copper (Metal Cowboys Book 1)

By: Iris Abbott

Metal Cowboys Series Book 1


Classic rock music blared from various speakers all around the large back yard. Coolers packed with a number of different brands of chilled beers were strategically placed around the patio and surrounding area. A few couples pretending to be dancing, grinded into each other as they moved to the suggestive beat of the music. Other couples were lounging around the yard, swimming pool, and hot tub in various stages of undress.

Flirting and foreplay were the main activities of the night. It was all a little too wild for elementary school teacher, Marla Taylor. She was intimidated enough by the alpha Metal Cowboys without adding the loud music, drinking, and blatant plays for sex. She wanted to be anywhere except where she was, hiding on the fringes of one of their wild parties.

Being around a large group of rowdy men, most of whom were strangers, made her more than uncomfortable. The atmosphere of the free-for-all gave her chills at times, it was so scary to her. That’s why she always made it a point to drive her own car and beg off before things got too far out of hand at the back yard bonfire parties. She instinctively wrapped her arms around her body and glanced around the surrounding area looking for a familiar face.

Her sister waved at her from across the yard. Natalie Taylor was drinking a beer and flirting with one of the Metal Cowboys’ latest customers. Marla tried her best to smile at Natalie instead of glaring at her through narrow eyes. It was her sister’s fault she was attending the out of control party.

The Metal Cowboys were a group of former military men turned bikers who set up shop in this part of Texas about four years ago. Natalie was their first local hire. The good news was that Natalie really seemed to love her job. The bad news, it put Marla on the peripheral of their world, and she’d been there ever since.

Even though it was Texas, the Metal Cowboys preferred motorcycles to horses. Regardless, they looked good in the saddle. Not even Marla could deny that. And the hottest one, at least in her opinion, was walking her way. She quickly swallowed down the contents of the bottled water she was holding as he moved closer and closer to where she was trying to stay out of everyone’s way.

She watched the loose rolling hips of Christopher “Copper” Ellison as he moved toward her. He stopped just an inch from her and put down the long neck bottle of beer he was holding. Her knees felt wobbly, and she instinctively took a step back. His nearness always affected her body, even made it hard for her to breathe. It’s why she avoided him as much as she could.

“Hey, darlin’,” he said in a deep mellow voice. “Let’s dance.”

Her insides heated up until she thought she might melt into an undignified puddle of goo right at Copper’s feet. He’d never approached her before, and she was too stunned to say anything. Self-preservation should have been her first priority, but she couldn’t summon up the strength to deny him.

The six-foot-three biker must have taken her silence as agreement. He pulled her into his arms and maneuvered them into a dark corner of the yard. The spot he chose was secluded and out of the way of the other partygoers. The light from the flames of the fire didn’t penetrate the shadows where they were standing. That only made the clenching muscles of her stomach tighten even more.

“Were you lost in thought or did you finally decide to stop running from me?” he whispered in her ear. “I’ve been dying to get my hands on you for months now,” he confessed in a husky voice. He grazed the bottom of her lobe with his teeth.

His lips crashed down on top of hers. He nipped at her bottom lip and thrust his tongue inside, staking a claim on her mouth. Large, strong hands moved up and down her body, cupping her backside, and pressing the curves of her body against the hard planes of his.

Marla felt a jolt of lust shoot through her body. She visibly recoiled from the strength of the desire welling up inside her. The intensity shook Marla to her core, and it was not a welcome feeling. She let out a deep breath and tried unsuccessfully to back out of Copper’s disturbing hold.

He was holding her so close, her nipples pushed into the soft cotton of his black T-shirt. They tightened, becoming sensitive enough to ache. She could feel the ridge of his erection pressing against her abdomen. It was too much, way more emotions and feelings than she could handle! She desperately needed to put some space between them.

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