Curves for the Werewolf(3)

By: Cassie Laurent

“Regular? It’s hardly regular,” he said, reaching a hand to my face, running the back of his fingers along the sensitive skin of my cheeks. I pulled my head away, shocked by the raw power even in his gentlest touch. Why was he doing this?

Just then the bell sounded and the doors slid open. Finally, we were at my stop. I was free to get the hell out of there and into my warm bed. I threw my purse straps around my shoulders and got up from my seat. The strange man watched as I walked out the doors.

Then, much like he had entered the train, he slipped out of it with an agile motion, just before the doors could close on him. We had been in the second to last car of the train and I was almost fifty yards away from the stairs up to the street. I clutched my purse and walked through the empty subway station as quickly as possible, my heels tapping on the dirty ground beneath me.

Then I heard piercing noises from behind. The shredding of fabric, that torturous tearing sound, the growls of pain and fury. I turned back to find the strange man from the subway car, in a process of horrific transformation, as fur engulfed his sharp cheekbones, a snout extruding from his face as his head transformed into the terrifying majesty of a gigantic wolf’s head.

I kicked my heels off and began running, not giving a damn how dirty the ground was. The man ran after me jumping in the air, his muscular body morphing with feral strength into the powerful frame of a massive wolf. He bounded towards me and in seconds I was pulled off my feet, the fabric of my dress caught in the vicious jaws of this monster.

He jumped four feet down onto the tracks of the subway as he carried me, terrified, down through the darkened passageway. My mind raced. Complete terror. I was screaming. Please let me go. Let me go. Is this how I die? How will they ever find me? I envisioned my face plastered on the cover of the papers. Missing girl. Early twenties. I’m going to die in the most horrible way imaginable.

Then I blacked out.

I awoke later in what seemed to be a darkened cave. I could hear water dripping and then a train went by perhaps thirty yards away from me. It sounded close, but I couldn’t really tell. I was still underground and could feel the vibrations as they rolled through the cavernous space. Where am I?

Then fear shot through me as I looked up to see the face of the dark man from the subway.

“Hello, Maggie. I was wondering when you’d wake up.”

“Why are you doing this to me?” I asked, so scared and powerless. I was close to tears once again.

“Instinct. Preservation of the species. Survival of the fittest.”

He got down next to me on the ground, sliding the blankets off me and revealing my naked body. I hastily pulled it back up to cover myself.

“I got you out of those wet clothes, so you wouldn’t catch a chill,” he whispered in his snarling way, sounding completely at odds with the supposed concern expressed by this gesture. “I hope you don’t mind.”

“What do I have to do to get out of here?” I asked, realizing I had to give him what he wanted if I had any hope of getting out of this alive.

“Whatever you want to do.”

He pulled the blanket off of me again and moved on top of me, pressing my body to the ground. His hot breath touched my face, sending shivers down my spine. His fingers crept along my neck, then down my chest over my large breasts. Further down they slid, slowly, torturing me with their circuitous path. Across my stomach, along my hips, and finally circling towards my pussy.

“You want this, don’t you?” he said, halting the movement of his fingers.

Was this really happening? How could I stop him? Did I even want to stop him? All I could do was close my eyes and wait. Was I scared? Sure. Did I want him? I don’t know. I could feel my body craving something, and I was powerless to fight against it. I couldn’t do anything but give into the magnetism of this strange man, this mysterious animal.

“Do you want me inside you?”

I opened my eyes and looked into his, but didn’t dare say a word. I nodded, my eyes expressing my submission, to both his desire and my own. He trailed his fingers down to my pussy, now soaked with the thought of him inside me. He caressed my clit, sliding the tips of two fingers along my wet lips, before plunging them forcefully inside me. I gasped, moaning with pleasure, surprised at the way I felt.

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