Curves for the Werewolf(4)

By: Cassie Laurent

“Who are you?” I gasped.

“My name is Silas.”

“But who are you? What are you?” I whispered, writhing my body on his fingers as he played with my clit.

He laughed. “I think you’ve had an idea about what I am for quite some time. Have you noticed me around lately?”

A sudden wave of understanding took hold of me.

“The park. You were in the park,” I said, wanting to scream, but feeling weak with his fingers inside me, pleasuring me in rhythmic motion.

“Yes, I was in the park. But before that, for many weeks now. Haven’t you felt my presence? Have you ever felt like you were being followed, only to turn around to find an empty street?”

I didn’t answer him, but deep inside myself I knew the truth. Tonight wasn’t the first time I’d felt like that. For months now there had been this weird aura settling over my life. It was as if I was being watched.

“I’ve been watching you, protecting you while I decided whether you were fit to be my mate.”

Mate? What the hell was he talking about? I was trembling, unsure of what he was about to do next. He was still touching me, torturing me with the hint of pleasure, pleasure postponed, withheld until I begged him for it. I wanted him inside me, and it was only now that I could finally acknowledge this strange desire, this driving force of my inner nature.

“Why me?” I asked, still not understanding why I should be chosen.

“Why not? Your luscious, wide hips make you a perfect fit as a mate. Large breasts to suckle, to nourish the young. And you’re strong, emotionally strong. I’ve watched you for so long, I can tell. You walk around feeling self-conscious, and questioning your every move. But I know you better than you know yourself. You’re determined; you know how to handle yourself, but you also know when to listen. You know when to obey your alpha,” said Silas, breathing his hot breath into my face as he spoke. The sensation it created on the sensitive skin of my cheek making me melt. He was still rubbing my clit, practically making me beg for him to get inside me, to fill me up with his huge cock.

“Silas…” I moaned, perhaps trying to coax him in, to let him know I was ready for whatever he had planned.

“Yes, Maggie?” he said in his throaty, growl of a whisper.

“Please…let me…” I could barely speak. I didn’t dare give voice to the desire that was welling up within my body.

“Go?” he asked, almost sarcastically and sneeringly. He knew he had me, he knew I would do whatever he wanted.

“No, I don’t want to go, I—I want…” I couldn’t finish my thought, for at the moment he mounted me, pushing his hard cock inside me, sending the most momentous sensations through my body.

He brought his head down towards mine as he thrust deep inside me, coming in for a hot, wet kiss. My tongue swirled inside his mouth, flitting in and out. Animalistic hunger, lust, primal lust that felt like complete rapture. The rhythm of his body, the taut muscles straining and then relaxing as he pumped his member in and out of me, was hypnotizing. I gave myself over entirely to the demands of nature, to the primal desires of my supple, curvy body.

His cock was enormous, and as it pulsed through me I felt tinges of pain that slowly gave way to all-encompassing pleasure. He lapped at my nipples, cupping my large, supple breasts with his hands as he pushed his member in and out of me, filling me with pleasure as the stimulation broke in waves through my body, making me tingle from my hands to my feet. I writhed beneath him, gyrating as he forced himself deeper.

Small hot breaths escaped my mouth as I moaned unintelligible words, carried over into the beyond by the completion of this act, the cathartic energy that broke between us and spilled out over the darkness of the underground cave. His pumping became deeper and more furious, and in seconds I could feel him spilling his seed inside me, its warm stickiness lining my pussy and sending my own body into violent orgasm. I let my head fall gently backward to the ground as I moaned in pleasure.

Words escaped me as I lay there in exhausted bliss with my eyes closed. I didn’t dare open them to look at the man, the beast before me. I didn’t want to take the chance that this was all some fantastic dream.

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