Curves for the Werewolf(6)

By: Cassie Laurent

Just then he pulled away from me as his body morphed back into that of the majestic, grey wolf, a supernatural wonder that stretched the bounds of my imagination—and yet here he was in front of me. Surely no dream could be so vivid. I’d known that all along.

I threw my arms around Silas’ furry neck, holding on tight as he ran with boundless speed down the darkened tunnel of the maze of the subway channels. I didn’t know where I was going. I didn’t care, because I knew I would be safe.

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Waiting for Her Soldier (A New Adult BBW Romance Novella)

This is the story of Lauren and Darren, two former best friends who've been separated for years. Darren is a tough, muscular Sergeant in the U.S.M.C. fighting overseas in Afghanistan. Lauren is a curvy business woman, passionate and sincere in everything she does; although a bit unlucky in the dating world. When she unexpectedly receives a cryptic letter from Darren, everything changes.

Is it possible to rekindle a fire purely through writing? Over the course of their letters, the years of silence is finally broken and a new romance is born. Lauren finds herself waiting, hoping, and praying that the man she loves will come home safely, only to be struck with bad news. Darren would be returning home earlier, but not under the best circumstances. Was he going to be ok? Would he even love her back after meeting face-to-face?

When they were younger, Lauren and Darren were never more than friends, but now they've grown up. They're more mature and more confident, and they find a way to each other. And this time, they won't let anything or anyone keep them apart.

About the Author

Cassie Laurent is a young independent writer with a passion for erotic stories. She loves to explore the fantastic depths of erotica, conjuring up the hottest, steamiest scenes of lust, love and romance. She is a graphic designer by trade, but has always kept writing as a close personal interest. She believes, like the strokes of a brush and the colors of paint, words, too, can narrate an equally if not more vivid picture.

When she's not writing, Cassie loves to read, paint, try new foods, drink coffee, enjoy wine at the beach, keep up to date with the fashion world, and obsessively shop for new clothes.

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