Curves for the Werewolf

By: Cassie Laurent
 (Paranormal BBW Erotic Romance, Alpha Wolf Mate)

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I left the crowded bar feeling tired and a bit drunk. I thought about taking a cab, but during a night of heavy rain every car that zoomed by on Columbus Avenue was already occupied. Slowly and deliberately plodding through the rain, I looked down at my cellphone only to find one blinking bar of battery left.

All my friends stayed at the bar, but I couldn’t face them or anyone else after what happened that night. Travis, a guy I had been seeing, had broken up with me. Guy after guy had done this to me over the years. I always got so wrapped in each guy I dated, but for them I seemed to just be a girl to pass the time with before something better came along. I chalked it up to my body, my damn curvy body that made men use me and then throw me away without the least bit of concern for my feelings.

After he had dumped me I took a bunch of shots at the bar, trying to forget him and maybe have some fun. It was useless, I couldn’t get over this hurt in one night, the years of self-consciousness that followed me wherever I went. I left the bar without so much as a word to anyone and headed out into the gloomy night.

The rain fell hard and cold, soaking me to the bone. I was so damn tired and cold all I wanted was to be in my warm bed, falling asleep and forgetting all my troubles for just a few restful hours. That warm bed was the only thing I wanted in the world right now; I wished more than anything that an empty cab would come by so that I could get home sooner. From where I now stood, I would have to walk all the way around Central Park to the Upper East Side. Or I could cross through it. Did I dare?

The park was a sketchy place, especially this late at night, but I was so cold and tired. It would probably get me home a half hour earlier. What was the worst that could happen?

I turned off the brightly lit city streets and headed down a darkened, gravel path. The only light came from dim, sporadic lampposts. I pulled my jacket around me tightly as the rain fell from the sky, soaking my hair and dripping down the soft skin of my face. I heard a howl in the distance. Very eerie, I thought. I kept walking, faster now, driven on by cold and also something else. Fear? I felt like something was following me.

The walk seemed to be taking much longer than I expected. Had I made a wrong turn? What direction was I headed in? I had no way of telling; all the city’s landmarks were hidden by the dark branches of the trees in the park. I walked on, figuring that eventually I would come across the well-lit streets of the city sooner or later.

Up ahead I saw three men walking towards me, their faces barely discernible in the dim lighting of the path. I kept my head down as I prepared to walk past them, hoping they wouldn’t notice me. Then the loudest one of the group blocked my path as I approached.

“Well, well. What do we have here?” he said, giving me a terrifying grin.

“Oh, man. She’s a little cutie pie, isn’t she? Nice and plump, isn’t that how you like ‘em, Brad?” said the man to his left, laughing as he nudged the first man in the arm.

“I like ‘em anyway I can get ‘em,” he laughed.

I was speechless. I tried to step around them, but the third man cut me off.

“You give good head, honey? I heard fat chicks give good head. Is that true?” he asked, winking at me. He and his buddies started cracking up.

“Well, I guess we’re about to find out right? Would you like to suck us off, baby? You don’t get much action do you?”

Tears welled up in my eyes as I started trembling, feeling overpowered by these nasty men, wishing I had never decided to take this shortcut; but something snapped me out of it. There was a rustling in the trees to the side of the path, the sound of dead leaves being trampled.

Then with the swiftest speed, a large grey beast jumped in the air across the path and the first man was carried off into the woods. He screamed in agony. Then complete silence fell across the park. We all stood frozen in place like statues.

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