Daddy Commands

By: Maggie Ryan
Chapter One


“Take off your panties and hand them to me.”


“I have absolutely no doubt that you heard me,” Brett said.

“Are you serious?”

“As a heart attack. I don’t know what got into you, but it ends right now. Perhaps sitting on your bare ass will remind you that we made a commitment. You to obey and me to enforce that obedience.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Couldn’t process what he’d just asked me to do. We were seated in a restaurant, one filled with people, and while, yes, there was adequate space between the booths and tables, it was still a very popular choice on a Friday evening. I could hear people laughing, see them enjoying chips and salsa or sipping on jumbo margaritas. True, no one was staring at our table or appeared to have any interest in what was happening, but I was suddenly positive that every ear in the place had just turned toward us. I could feel my entire body heating, knowing my face had to be the same shade as the red booth we were seated in.

“For God’s sake, lower your voice!” I hissed softly. “There are people here! They can hear you.”

His dark head nodded, though his eyes remained fixed on me. “True, and I’m sure that if they’d heard you this morning, they’d understand exactly why I’ve given you the command.”


Before I could wrap my mind around the fact that he had indeed just said ‘command’, he leaned back in the booth and continued. “Did you or did you not sign an agreement this morning?”

“Yes, but—”

“An agreement that detailed quite explicitly the rules and consequences for the breakage of those rules, correct?”

Unexpectedly, a memory popped into my head. Brett had taken me fishing when we were dating. It had been a beautiful day, the sun shining, causing the water to sparkle like diamonds where it cascaded over the rocks upstream. I’d been startled when I’d felt a hard pull on my line, sure I’d done something wrong. Brett had smiled, pointing toward the water where the red and white ball he’d attached to my line was bobbing up and down in the river.

“Good job. You’ve caught your first fish, babe.”

I’d tried to hand him my pole, but he’d shaken his head.

“No, this is your catch. Just give a yank to set the hook.” When I’d given a little tug, he’d laughed, put his arms around me, and with his hands covering mine on the pole, he’d given it a much harder yank. Stepping back, he’d said, “Now, just reel it in.”

While I cranked the reel, the fish had wiggled and jumped, trying to break free. When it was close enough, I pulled the line out of the water, landing my catch on the riverbank. It was a great memory.

But that had been then. Right now, sitting across from my husband, I wasn’t thinking about how proud he’d been that day. I was thinking that I most likely looked just like that poor trout, my mouth opening and closing as if unable to garner enough oxygen to breathe, let alone speak.

Brett evidently decided he didn’t need to hear a response as he nodded again. “Precisely, so there is no reason for you to be so shocked, now is there?”

A burst of laughter had my head whipping around, sure I’d see every customer in the restaurant agreeing with this man seated opposite me. Realizing the amusement came from children seated around a large table witnessing a waiter plopping a ridiculously large sombrero down on an elderly man’s head before wishing him feliz cumpleanõs, I found my voice.

“Look, you might be a major, but that doesn’t mean you can just… command me to do something.”

“Wrong. It means exactly that. The moment you put pen to paper and signed, you gave me that right.”

“I’m your wife, not one of your recruits!” I hissed, wondering how he could be so calm when I felt as if my entire world was careening out of control.

Leaning forward, he reached to cover my hand that was clenching the edge of the table as if to anchor myself in place. “You understood the consequences and, frankly, Hannah, wife or not, consider yourself enrolled in my own special boot camp. Your choice of behavior has brought you to this point, and the longer you take to obey me, the longer you’ll be across my knees getting your ass heated.”

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