Dancer (The Good Guys Book 2)

By: Jamie Schlosser


To my own little caterpillar pig-fish,

I love you super lightning eight one zero eight!


Technically, I’m not a stripper. As a cage dancer, I don’t take all my clothes off and no one gets to touch me. I’m just the eye-candy.

And I can feel their eyes on me. I know they’re watching, but I don’t do this for them.

This is my time.

My life may not have turned out the way I thought it would, but I’m not complaining. From 9pm to 1am several days a week I get paid to feel sexy, to feel desired, to do what I love.

I always knew I wanted to be a dancer—I just didn’t realize I’d be doing it in a cage.


Erectile dysfunction—two words that can cause a collective cringe from men everywhere. The doctors can call it ‘performance anxiety’ all they want, but that’s just a fancy way of saying my dick doesn’t work.

Just when I start to think there’s no hope for me, I see her. She’s gorgeous, sexy, and goofy as f*ck. She also looks really familiar but I can’t put my finger on it.

When I find out who she really is, my world is turned upside-down and everything seems to fall into place.

She’s not gonna make it easy for me, but I’ve never been one to back down from a challenge. She’s convinced I won’t stick around.

I’ll prove her wrong.

I’ll show her I’m one of the good guys.




“Eight, nine, ten! Ready or not, here I come,” I sang.

Skipping across the lawn, I headed to the backyard shed first, pretending to be clueless about where Colton was hiding.

I liked to let him think he had me stumped, even though I always knew where to find him. My mom said we were like the last two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. I agreed with her because Colton was my other half. From the first moment I saw him, I knew we belonged together.

After confirming that he wasn’t in the shed, I tiptoed around to the front of the house, being careful not to step on Mom’s freshly planted marigolds.

As I approached the white porch, I heard quiet snickering underneath the wooden boards. I shook my head and smiled because he was so bad at this game.

“Gotcha!” I poked my head through the place where the lattice was missing.

Colton grinned at me, showing missing teeth on top and crooked teeth on the bottom. I loved his crooked teeth. I crawled under the porch and sat next to him in the dirt.

“Do you think they won’t find us?” he asked. “Maybe we could just stay here forever.”

“No, they’ll find us. That’s why I brought the backup plan,” I said proudly, pulling a pair of handcuffs from the back pocket of my jean shorts.

He gave me that smile again. After clasping it on himself, he carefully wrapped the metal around my wrist, making sure it wasn’t too tight.

“Look.” He pointed to one of the boards above my head. “I stole my dad’s pocket knife.”

I couldn’t stop the goofy smile on my face when I saw what he carved in the wood.

Colt + Ellie 4ever

It even had a heart drawn around the words.

Early summer sunlight filtered through the boards above us as we sat shoulder to shoulder, and I tried to soak up these last minutes together.

“I wish you didn’t have to move away,” I said, fighting against the lump in my throat. Colton didn’t like it when I cried. Said it made him sad, and I didn’t want to make him sadder than he already was.

“Me too,” he replied quietly.

“Is it because your mom…” died. I didn’t want to say the last word and I didn’t need to. Like true best friends, we could finish each other’s sentences.

Colton nodded. “Dad says we need a ‘new beginning’,” he said, putting air quotes around the words. “He wants to start his own auto shop and he got a good deal on some shitty garage.”

I gasped.

“Colton, don’t say shitty,” I whisper-yelled.

“Well, it is.” He angrily picked at the dried dirt on the bottom of his shoe.

“You’re gonna get your mouth washed out with soap again,” I warned.

“I don’t care.” He scowled. “If he wanted to have a shop so bad, I don’t know why he couldn’t just do it here.”

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