Dancing Around The Cop

By: Lisa Oliver

(Alpha and Omega Series Book 2)

An Alpha and Omega Standalone


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Chapter One

“What makes the perfect kiss?”

Terry ducked his head, so Roy couldn’t see the roll of his eyes. Normally he didn’t mind Roy’s outspokenness, but here, really? They were in a sports bar for goodness sake. He cast a quick look around, but for the moment it seemed he and his three friends were safe from prying ears.

“Dreamy lips,” Charlie said with a sigh as he fiddled with the straw in his cocktail, his own pink lips pouty as though he was actually on the receiving end of what he was talking about. “It’s got to include dreamy lips.”

“Stubble. That five o’clock shadow look, so that you can feel it for a few days,” Joel said. Terry didn’t think that Joel even had to worry about shaving yet, his skin was smooth and silky and currently slightly flushed but whether it was from the alcohol, or the topic of conversation, Terry couldn’t tell. “I adore that Max has stubble.”

“Your Max isn’t here. I’m talking about the ultimate kiss, not some pathetic dribble from some overgrown lout,” Roy said snarkily and this time it was a grin that Terry hid. Roy hated hearing about anyone’s boyfriends, especially when he couldn’t seem to get anyone to like him longer than a twenty minute hook up. Roy dressed and looked like a perfect Angel twink with his shoulder length dark hair, and his trim body, but his mouth got him into trouble more times that Terry could count.

“Max is the perfect kisser,” Joel defended his boyfriend. He’d been with Max for more than three years and wouldn’t let anyone talk bad about the man. Terry couldn’t blame him. Max was tall, muscled and the sweetest man he’d ever met. And he adored Joel with a passion.

“Not too much slobber,” Charlie threw in, probably hoping to stop the inevitable cat fight.

“Just enough pressure to start off with. Deepening into something passionate, fiery and positively dominating. So you can feel it in your toes,” Terry said. He dreamed of being kissed like that.

“You read too much crap,” Roy said, still in a snit over Joel’s comments. “You wouldn’t know a real kiss if it hit you over the head.”

“If it was hitting me over the head, then it clearly wasn’t done right. I’d want to feel it in my balls,” Terry flung back. He might be embarrassed about his virgin status, but he didn’t need his so-called friends taking pot shots at him.

“Oho, in your balls, aye? That’s a different kind of kiss, honey,” Charlie said putting his arm around Terry’s shoulder. “Maybe you should take Norman up on his offer, and then you’d get a chance to tell the difference.”

Terry didn’t have to fake the shudder he felt, thinking about Norman, his boss. The man was almost as wide as he was tall, with a pudgy face and beady eyes that always seemed to be trained on Terry’s ass. He’d been propositioning Terry for months, ever since Terry had started working with the ladies at the Code Blue Club. It was a dream job, but Norman was a nightmare. He made Terry’s skin crawl just thinking about him.

“Talk about something else,” he said, shoving at Charlie’s arm. “It makes my balls shrink just thinking about him.”

“You’re going to have to put out to him sometime, babe,” Roy said and this time there was no sarcasm in his tone. Just a lot of pity in his eyes. “All the ladies there have to do the deed with him at least once. If you want your virginity to go to someone special, you’d better get onto it pretty fast.”

“That’s sexual harassment,” Terry snapped. “I’m not doing it and I’m not losing my job because of it. Just because I’m gay doesn’t make me a freaking rent boy.”

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