Dare to Love

By: Dixie Lynn Dwyer

The Dare Series 4


“We could really use your help, Kurt. You and Warner know so much about security systems, monitoring and securing large venues, and my brothers and I trust you guys. We’ve been friends forever,” Jack Spencer said to Kurt Dawn as they stood by the bar.

Kurt looked around the place, then back toward Jack. Jack wondered what his friend was thinking.

“You really don’t need such high-tech security here, Jack. Some of the basic systems will do, and during business hours, you need reliable security staff. You know this already. You and Danny have a great system that your employees already know,” Kurt replied as he looked back down at his beer.

His friend was down as usual. He and his brother Warner were retired government men. They did some mercenary work amongst other things that they never shared. Jack had a feeling it was weighing its toll on them and they wanted out. Maybe convincing them to run his whole security here at Spencer’s would be a motivator?

“The place is going to be a lot bigger now, Kurt. You know as well as I do that a bigger place brings in people from all over. I’ve got Max on my ass about security being of the highest standards, and to be honest, it’s overwhelming. Marlena’s helping out a bunch, too, but to be honest, we haven’t exactly been able to spend the quality time we need to be spending together because we’re all stressed out. When Danny and I think about running security besides everything else like the orders, the staff, training a manager, it’s just too much to have to worry about security. If you and Warner were interested, it would give us peace of mind. We trust you. There are some shady characters out there.”

Kurt nodded his head as he looked around the place again.

“Warner is out of town on business. Let me talk to him when he gets back at the end of the week. We’re supposed to be retired, but that really hasn’t happened. Sometimes I think we’re busier than ever.”

“This could be a good change for you guys. Plus your brother Taylor wouldn’t be so on edge when the two of you are away on ‘business’ as you like to call it.”

Kurt raised one of his eyebrows at Jack.

“Listen, I’m not prying. I respect that your jobs are secretive and that they’re very dangerous. I know Taylor’s been itching to settle down and maybe start a family.”

“We all are on the same page with that. But transitioning to civilians, ending our government careers for good, is a heavy decision and a huge step.”

“We’ll pay you both a great salary, so you’ll have income,” Jack added.

Kurt gave him a look.

“You know money isn’t a problem for us, right?” he replied. Jack nodded his head and gave a smirk. He knew damn well that money wasn’t a problem for the Dawn men. Whatever they did for a living, they made a lot of money. But no one would even notice. They dressed casual all the time, looking intense, hard, and ready for action and a fight more often than not. They were big men, physically fit, and capable of things Jack didn’t even want to imagine.

“Think of the money as fun cash. You know when the three of you take a woman out on a date and go on vacation and shit. Which we’ll have to work out. If you take the job,” Jack added.

This time Kurt smirked.

“We’ll see. Let me mull it over and talk with Warner. Our services are needed in a lot of places other than Chance.”

“Well I for one and happy about that. Don’t need any trouble coming this way.”

“You’re right, but things are changing, Jack. Even the small towns can get tainted by crime, violence, and unsuspecting people like a lot of the residents in Chance. I, for one, don’t want any of them to become victims. And I understand Max’s concerns. Even if Warner and I don’t take the positions we’ll help you out. You know, train your manager of security and make sure they have their shit together.”

“Fair enough. But I hope you two accept our offer. We need you and more importantly, we trust you.”

* * * *

Kurt sat at the bar thinking about Jack’s offer. He turned down a few women who approached him tonight, looking for a good time. He wasn’t interested. Hadn’t been interested in even easing the ache he had. He knew exactly why. Taylor was feeling it, but he got to see Mercedes on a daily basis at work. Then again, that was probably torture. Then of course Warner was being the most resistant to even admitting he was interested in Mercedes. So what did he do? He took the next private job and shipped off to Cuba for a few weeks.

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