Deflowering Rose (First Time, Family Taboo)(4)

By: Madelene Martin

At night I lay in bed, the sheets tangled around me. It was a hot night, so I had gone to bed naked, and I had a light sheen of sweat on my skin. I thought about Sean, and the prom, and whether he would expect more than a kiss from me then. The idea, which had made me anxious before, now didn’t seem entirely unappealing.

But soon my thoughts wandered to my brother, who must have been in bed in the very next room. I ran my hands over my breasts - they fit neatly in my cupped palms - and teased the small pink nipples lazily.

My fingers trailed lower, over my flat stomach, and the neatly shaved mound between my legs. I had done this before, of course - although I hadn’t reached climax very often. Now I slipped a finger inside my slit, sampling my wetness, and thinking of Alec’s embrace. I moaned in pleasure, then belatedly wondered if he would hear me through the wall. Instead of embarrassing me, the thought turned me on. I massaged my clit softly as I allowed myself to relive the kiss; the press of our bodies, the hard muscles of his arms and back. His hand traveling up my thigh…

I stopped myself, pulling my hand away and pressing my legs tightly together. I felt guilty. It had been meant as an innocent kiss - an instructional. I hadn’t meant to feel anything. I was being stupid.

But… Alec had felt it too - right? I wasn’t completely naïve - I’d felt his hard-on rubbing against me. He hadn’t wanted to stop, either. He’d only pulled away because he thought he was pushing himself on me - going too far.

I wanted to go further.

I jumped out of bed, walking to the door. I stopped myself; almost turned back then and there. But I didn’t. The insistent arousal burned in me, spurring me on. I turned the handle and snuck into the hall, naked.

No light showed under his door, so I knew he was probably asleep. I turned the doorknob carefully, and slowly opened the door.

My brother was sprawled on his back in his double bed, a sheet draped over him. In the dim light I could see he was shirtless. I could hear the quiet snoring that meant I hadn’t disturbed his sleep. I could also see that the sheet tented up over an impressive erection. I’d read that sometimes happened to guys while they slept, so I wasn’t surprised. I was shocked, however, at the seeming size of it, and determined to get a better look.

Creeping closer, I took hold of the edge of the sheets and raised them up. In the dim light I could see Alec’s body. There was a trail of light hair over his belly, leading down into the darker hair below. His engorged cock lay against his belly. My mouth made a silent “oh!”. I was shocked at the size of it. I wondered if they were all that big, or if my brother was particularly well endowed. I couldn’t imagine how something like that could ever fit inside me.

I steeled myself, raising the covers higher. Then I slipped in under them, settling myself in next to Alec. He sighed in his sleep and shifted to accommodate me, and I put an arm over his body and pillowed my head on his shoulder.

Suddenly, he sighed out a heavy breath, and opened his eyes. He moved his head to get a look at me. “Huh? Rose?” He murmured, his voice hoarse and slurred from sleep.

I nodded, and before he could protest, I covered his mouth with mine.

He remained still for what seemed like an endless moment as I kissed him. I just kept kissing, with pecks on the lips and gentle nibbles. When his mouth opened slightly, I flicked my tongue in, and over his, my hands roaming over his chest.

At the touch of my tongue, he responded, his arm coming up over my back and his tongue meeting mine. Our bodies twined together as I brought my leg up over his, and his arms wrapped tightly around me. It was a sweet kiss, between two people discovering each other in new way.

He began to run his hands down my back, over the curve of my ass, and I purred in approval against his mouth. In turn, I caressed his body, his chest and his stomach. I could feel his skin quiver under my touch, and his breathing became heavy. I broke our kiss to look at his face. Encouraged, I moved my hand down and touched his swollen cock, brushing it experimentally with my fingers, then wrapping my hand around it.

Alec’s hips shifted and he moaned quietly, urgently. He cupped the curve of my ass, squeezed it, and ran his hand firmly back up my side. His fingers brushed my breast, which was pressed up against him, and he teased the nipple with his finger. It was unlike anything I’d ever felt - completely different to how it felt when I touched myself. I felt the wetness between my legs and the shocks of arousal course through me.

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