Deflowering Rose (First Time, Family Taboo)

By: Madelene Martin
An Excerpt From the Book:

I was approaching the kiss like a lesson, studying it, trying to memorise the moves. But when he tilted his head, and I did the same, and his tongue ever-so-gently entered my mouth and caressed mine, I completely forgot about paying attention.

It was soft and sweet at first. His tongue teased mine, until I began to respond, caressing his tongue and dancing with it, in my mouth and in his. I melted toward him, winding my arms around his neck, and he wrapped his arms around my waist. Suddenly his hesitation was gone and he was pulling me closer. I pressed my upper body willingly against him, a strange but pleasant electric feeling running through me.


“I can’t believe you’re really back!” I cried, flinging my arms around my brother right where he stood in the doorway. “It seems like it’s been forever!”

My step-brother Alec, momentarily stunned by the display of affection, dropped his luggage and guitar case and reluctantly returned the hug. His hand awkwardly patted me on the back.

I pulled away, and punched him on the arm. “I missed you, asshole.”

“What the hell, Rose?” He said in disbelief. Then he looked me over, cradling his bicep. “Are you really my little sister? I barely recognize you!”

He had been away for eight months, touring with his mildly successful band. And I had turned eighteen while he was gone, and was just about to finish school.

I laughed. “I know! I got the braces off finally.” And I smiled at him, striking a pose, showing my newly straight white teeth.

But that wasn’t all. I was what you’d call a late bloomer. When he’d left, I had been a petite, skinny, slightly nerdy girl. I’d been self-conscious of my teeth and my gawky body. Now all of a sudden, I had filled out in the hips and my breasts had grown full and soft - I was curvy where there had been no curves before. It suited me, as though I had finally grown into myself, and lent me a new sense of confidence. I’d let my blonde hair grow long for the first time, and of course the braces had come off my teeth.

Alec coughed, looking away, and I suddenly realized he was embarrassed.

Even since before our parents had married, Alec and I had been close. We had known each other ever since elementary school, though we had only officially been brother and sister for a few years. I’d been upset when he’d left home, but we’d talked every few weeks on the phone.

“So, tell me all about it,” I prompted. “The gritty stuff, not the stuff you’ll tell Mom and Dad.” I smiled wickedly.

He dumped his stuff inside and flopped on the couch, and I sat next to him, leaning toward him attentively. I noticed he wasn’t exactly unchanged either. He’d put on some muscle - I guessed from carrying all his equipment around - and developed a tan.

“Uhh, what do you want to know?” He smiled, still slightly embarrassed.

I nudged him with an elbow, getting a perverse kick out of his discomfort. “Did you party?”

That made him laugh. “Of course. That was kinda the whole point.”

“I thought the point was to get famous,” I teased.

Alec shifted a little. “Well, that didn’t quite happen yet…” He admitted. “But we got some good exposure.”

I tilted my head. “And lots of girls?”

Alec looked at his lap, chuckling. He’d had a girlfriend before leaving, and she’d dumped him just before the tour. So I figured he’d have spent a lot of time drowning his sorrows, and hooking up with women. But it wasn’t the type of thing he’d discuss with his sister.

I decided to take pity on him, changing the subject. “Sooo, Mom and Dad are visiting Aunt Brenda for the next few days. They decided I could be trusted alone in the house. Finally. It’s not like I ever had any wild parties.”

That was true - I’d never been hugely popular or cared much about making a lot of friends. And if people paid more attention to me now - screw them. They hadn’t wanted to know me when I’d been a nerdy, slightly awkward chick. The only exception to the rule was Sean - the guy I had a crush on.

We ordered a pizza and talked about his trip. Alec told me about all the places the band had played and the antics of his friends.

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