Devi:Matefinder Book 2

By: Leia Stone

I waved the eagle feather in a light zig zag motion over the smoking sage bundle. “Cleanse this space so that only white light remains,” I told the smoke as Sylvia and the coven looked on. Sylvia had initiated me into her coven a few months ago. Now I was learning magic. Kai wasn’t crazy about the idea but I loved it. I loved learning about all of the different spells and ways to read and manipulate energy. It felt like I could study magic for 100 years and never know it all. I walked over to the copper bowl that held white salt and grabbed a handful. I sprinkled it in a circle around us. “This casting is blessed,” I told the coven with confidence. Sylvia looked at me with pride. She walked over to the large wooden table and began to arrange certain items in a circle.

“Ladies, we are blessed to have Aurora in our coven. These times have become uncertain. The balance has tilted in favor of the vampires and so we witches, who like to remain neutral, have had to take a side. We have sided with humanity, and therefore, with the werewolves who protect them. Aurora is special. She’s lived her entire life believing she was human, and now she is a witch and a werewolf. This gives her a wonderful perspective. We have gathered here tonight to ask our ancestors and spirit guides to reveal her affinity so we may help her develop her magical gifts.” Sylvia carried herself with such confidence and authority. I now recognized her as an Alpha in the witch world.

I stared at my shoes nervously.

“Aurora, Aurora, Aurora.” The witches began to chant and started interlocking their hands to make a circle around me and Sylvia as we stood in front of the table.

Sylvia gestured to the objects on the table. There were five colored gemstones in a circle. “These are affinity stones. The white stone is a scrying stone. Witches with this affinity have the gift of future sight. They are seers. I presume this will be your affinity because of your Matefinder abilities,” she told me. “The black stone is the spell casters’ stone. This is my affinity. Any spell I do is ten times more amplified than an average spell caster.”

Whoa. That must be why she was the high priestess of our coven.

“The blue stone is the healers’ stone. They have a natural affinity for healing spells. Gretchen is an affinity healer.” Sylvia nodded to an older witch who smiled at me.

“The green stone is the alchemy stone. Any metal or mineral can be mutated at the alchemists’ wish. They are usually very rich because they love turning steel into gold.” She flicked her eyes to a middle-aged witch with long black hair. Her neck was adorned in golden chains. Large chunky diamond rings glittered on her fingers. She smiled at me and I caught the glint of a gold-capped tooth at the back of her mouth. Interesting.

Sylvia continued. “The last stone, the red stone, is the power stone. Usually only an affinity to dark witches, it makes them hunger for and absorb other witches’ power.”

My mouth dropped open. I was reminded of Prudence, the dark witch working with Layla. That had to be her affinity. Sylvia gave me a slight nod as if she knew what I was thinking.

“Now Aurora, when I say the enchantment, you will hold your hand over the stones and see which one calls to you. Then you will be mentored by a witch who has mastered that affinity. Ready?"

I let out a deep breath. "Sure," I said, and tried not to let my voice croak. I got hit by a car a few months ago. Then I got turned into a werewolf, found out I was some rare Matefinder that could match up wolves to save my race with procreation, and now this. Not too much to handle. Nope. I could do this. Just breathe.

Sylvia threw some yellow powder over the stones.

"Turmeric," she told me. "To purify."

I was still learning after all.

Sylvia threw her hands up in grand fashion. "Guides and teachers, hear my call! Aurora has chosen to follow her magic, let us put her to the test. Help her choose straight and true; help her be her very best!" I wondered if rhyming was required for spell casting. Mist flew from Sylvia’s hands and surrounded the stones.

My palms began itching. Sylvia had told me before that it was rare that I could see the mist, that I could visually see magic. So maybe I would get the seer stone. I was already able to see the futures of the mates I paired up in my visions. I wouldn’t complain if I got the alchemy stone but I didn’t want the red power stone. My palms were warm and getting hotter. I looked at Sylvia, who nodded. I let my palms hover over the stones and made a circular motion. The white seer stone began to wobble. Whoa! It was moving! Then it rolled a few inches into the center of the circle.

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