Dirty Daddies(102)

By: Jade West

It’s brutal. Messy. Loud.


I’m hissing and whimpering and coming with a desperate cry as those two fat cocks take me all the way.

And then I feel it.

The contraction.

Enough to take my breath in a whole other fucking way.

They freeze like statues as I tense up, their hands on my clammy skin as I gesture for them to hold back.

“Fuck, ow!” I cry, and their hands circle my shoulders.

“Fuck,” Jack comments. “I didn’t think this was actually going to fucking work.”

And neither did I.

“It could be another trial run,” Michael says, but I don’t think so. Not this time.

I’m going to end up delivering this baby with two daddies’ cum still fresh inside me.

That’ll be a treat for the midwife.

When the wetness comes it comes hard, a flood so fast it sounds like a gush as it lands on the fabric between my legs.

“Fuck,” all three of us say in unison, and this is really it.

Really, really it.

Michael’s pulling on his jeans even as his hand rubs the small of my back. Jack’s diving in his pocket for his phone even as I flick a glance over my shoulder.

“I’m gonna have this baby in time for Christmas,” I tell them, like they don’t know already.

Michael’s smile lights up the night.

“Every Christmas present we could have ever wished for,” he tells me, and he’s right. It is.

“Better call the midwife,” I say to Jack, but it’s pointless. He’s one step ahead, as always.

There’s a strange moment of calm as I settle back down onto the sofa between my two men. I’m sure it will be short-lived, but for now I’ll take it.

I take their hands along with it.

“I know you’re gonna be the best daddies ever,” I tell them for the thousandth time.

And I know they will be.

They’ve already been the very best daddies for me.


As always there are so many of you to mention.

John, you never let me down. That’s for pulling out all the stops with editing this one for me.

Letitia, thank you for another incredible cover.

Nadege – thank you for making the inside of the paperback look so pretty.

Tracy, thank you for everything. I love your face.

Louise, for the excellent beta feedback, as always.

My dirty girls and guys in my reader group – you make me smile every day.

Isabella – I’m so pleased you’re going to be in my company again when I hit publish. You know this is a regular thing now, right? Thanks for the formatting too. You are amazing.

Demi, for pushing me onwards always.

My amazing friends – Lisa, Maria, Dom, Sue, Hanni, Kate, Tom, Marie, Siobhan, Jo, Leigh, Willow, Lauren, James. <3

My family – Mum, Dad, Nan and Brad – for being such an important part of this incredible journey I’m on.

And Jon, for putting up with all my crazy and ridiculous sleeping hours.

I love you all. <3

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