Discovering Dalton(Manchester Menage Collection Book 2)

By: Nicole Colville

Manchester Ménage Collection – Book Two


I’d like to say a huge thank you to Loopy Lou for all her time and effort beta reading a very rough copy and adding that all important final layer to the characters and spotting all my magical movements of people from one space to another without mentioning it. You’re amazing, and I wouldn’t be here writing without your help with plot bunnies and encouragement.

Emma, Hannah, Cathy and Carolyn – four amazing ladies and wonderful beta readers who took time out to make sure Dalton was as perfect as it could be for you all.

All of my friends in my group Hidden Pleasures, especially Lisa and Valerie, who inspire me with wonderful words and pictures. I’m so lucky to have such a great group of friends who I can chat to and throw around ideas with.

My editor, teacher, and friend, Jessica McKenna. Thank you for having so much patience with me while I grow and learn with you. I’m always amazed how far I’ve come since I met you.

My cover designer and friend, Kellie Dennis. I think by now everyone knows Kellie and my love of her work. I have an addiction. I know I always say each cover I get is my favourite, but with Discovering Dalton’s she really outdid herself. This is now my all-time favourite cover. I recommend her to everyone, so go check out her website.

I’d also like to thank Andrei Vishnyakov who is the amazing photographer responsible for the image on the cover. His work is stunning, and this is the second cover I’ve used him for, with others planned. If you like his work, check out his Facebook page.

And finally, the great city of Manchester and the amazing people who live there. Thank you for allowing me to share your home with so many people.



Chapter 1

Dalton glanced around the empty street, then sighed as he turned his attention to the building beside him which he was desperately trying to forget. The shiny silver sign over the door held his attention for longer than it should. ASPIRE. An apt name for a gym, he thought.

He slumped against the wall, pulling out his mobile, checking to see if his friend and work mate Milo had changed his mind and decided to come work out with him. Dalton couldn’t really blame him for not being there. Milo had a lot going on at home and a promotion at work to occupy his time. They saw less of each other with Milo now being more office based in the station and Dalton still patrolling the streets of Manchester in his squad car.

Dalton sent him a text, trying to be funny, saying he hated him for abandoning him in his hour of need and what a selfish bastard he was. Both knew not one word of it was true, but Dalton liked to wind Milo up. It was so easy to do after all.

He brushed a hand over his head and looked over his shoulder, sneaking a peek through the glass double doors of Aspire and spotted Kathy inside, staring back at him with a sly grin on her face.

She was one of the trainers, and Dalton found out from Milo she was almost as new to the gym as he was. It was men only until six months ago, but in a bid to get more bums on seats, as they say, the owners introduced mixed classes, which Dalton attended, and not just to sit in the spinning class and watch the women’s arses bouncing around on their bikes either. Although that was nice. Aspire was a safe haven for him, and he’d spent more time there than home over the last three months.

Kathy tilted her head to the side, tapping her watch before beckoning him inside with a crook of her finger.

Dalton smiled, putting on his ‘I’m not bothered by anything’ look and walking into the building. He knew how to act—years of training in the police force showed him how important it was to never show weakness, but it seemed Kathy watched for longer than he thought, and she’d seen through his professional mask.

“You all alone, handsome?” Kathy grinned at him, making a big deal of looking past him and through the glass door behind him. “Where’s the other one tonight?” She had this thing for Milo.

Dalton leaned on the desk and shrugged. “He’s with his boyfriends.” He took time out to shake his head. “Why is it he always gets so much attention? Is it because you know you can’t have him?”

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